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EDIUM Voltage Switchgear and Control Panels

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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 112021
Item Number 112021
Item Name EDIUM Voltage Switchgear and Control Panels
Model Number Siemens 81000 & GM Metal-Clad
Serial Number N/A
Year Built 0
Location Illinois
Price $105,549.00
ITEM 1: MV Switch:

1 - Group of Siemens type GM Indoor Metal-Clad switchgear with type GMI vacuum circuit breakers rated 5KV, 250MVA nominal, 3 phase, 3 wire, 60 hertz.

The switchgear is designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with the latest revisions of the applicable standards of:

ANSI -American National Standards Institute

ASTM-American Society for Testing & Materials

IEEE-Institute of Electricaland Electronic Engineers

NEC-National Electric Code

NEMA-National Electric Manufacturers Association

UL-Underwriters Laboratories

The switchgear and vacuum circuit breakers are engineered, manufactured and tested at

the Raleigh factory of Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc. This factory is ISO 9001 certified.

The vacuum circuit breakers are type 5-GMI-250, with ratings in accordance with ANSI C37.06-2000.

Nominal 3 phase MVA Class: 250 MVA

Nominal Voltage Class: 4.16 kV

Rated Withstand Test Voltage (RMS): 19 kV

Rated Withstand Test Voltage (BIL): 60 kV

Rated Short Circuit Current (at max kV): 29 kA

Max Sym. Interrupting Capability: 36 kA

Close & Latching Capability (RMS): 58 kA

Close & Latching Capability (Crest): 97 kA

The control voltage is 120 volts ac, from an external source. A capacitor trip device is provided for each circuit breaker.

The switchgear is arranged in a 2-high configuration, with two cells per vertical section. The circuit breakers are "floor roll-out" which permits convenient insertion and withdrawal of the vacuum circuit breakers without the use of lift truck or drawout rails.

NOTE: Medium voltage switchgear is opposite orientation to the drawings for medium voltage switchgear.

The switchgear consists of 2 vertical sections and include the following functional cells:

1 - Main breaker, 1200A

1 - Incoming Line Auxiliary Cell

1 - MVC transition

The switchgear is arranged with 1200A, 3 phase, 3 wire copper main bus with silver plated joints. The bus is supported on glass polyester insulation. The bus bars is insulated with luidized bed epoxy, with PVC boots for standard joints. The equipment will include a 1/4" x 2" silver plated copper ground bar.
The equipment is supplied with one set of accessories.

The accessories include:

1- Manual spring charging lever

1- Manual racking crank

1- Split plug test jumper

1- Tube of contact lubricant

The approximate dimensions is 51 inches wide, 94 inches deep, and 95.12 inches high. The

equipment is shipped in a maximum of five (5) vertical sections of 180 inches (15 feet) in length. The recommended aisle space for proper handling of the circuit breakers is 76 inches.

Rear access is required in accordance with the NEC. The vacuum circuit breakers will ship in their respective switchgear cells. The equipment is painted ANSI #61 light gray on the exterior and the interior front cells are painted white.


1 - Group of Siemens Series 81000 Medium Voltage Control Center built in accordance with Siemens standard construction specifications. Detailed construction features are further described in the Selection and Application Guide VC-9011. Siemens standard construction meets or exceeds NEMA ICS-3 Part 2, UL-347 & NEC (Article 490). The 4160V INDOOR-NEMA 12 Medium Voltage Control Center is equipped with, insulated, 1200A, silver-plated, copper main bus and 1/4 inch by 2 inch copper ground bar. The equipment is shipped in convenient shipping sections not exceeding 12 feet in length. The recommended aisle space in front of the equipment for proper handling of the contactor is 42 inches.

The following equipment is provided:

1-750kVA Transformer feeder

1-5kVA, 1 phase distribution transformer

3-300HP SSRV sta
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