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PARANS SP-3 Solar Lighting

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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 233853
Item Number 233853
Item Name PARANS SP-3 Solar Lighting
Model Number SP-3
Serial Number N/A
Year Built 2012
Location Florida
Price $25,000.00
This auction is for 10 complete units, new & unused. They will be in two wooden crates.
New units are $6,870 each.
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More information from the Manufacturer
Parans SP3 is the third generation of the Parans system and can track the sun over the full day, using every hour of sun. Only the visual part of the light spectrum is transported inside - IR and UV radiation are filtered out. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked and the Parans light does not fade colours and harm materials like UV radiation does. The Parans SP3 consists of a receiver and optical fiber cabling.

This item is being sold by a US 501c3 non profit organization. The buyer may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for the amount of the purchase.

Additional Prep Fees May Apply


Height 74.00 in
Width 48.00 in
Length 54.00 in
Weight 1000.00 lbs
Prep Fee $0.00
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