WHIRLWIND Gravity Mill - 369234 For Sale Used
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WHIRLWIND Gravity Mill

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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 369234
Item Number 369234
Item Name WHIRLWIND Gravity Mill
Model Number Gravity
Serial Number 2118
Year Built 2017
Location Quebec
Price $22,500.00

Used Whirlwind Gravity Mill

- Manufacturer: Whirlwind Engineering
- Model: Gravity
- Date Of Mfg: 08/2017
- Serial No. 2118
- Stainless Steel Motor: 5 HP, 480 Volt, 1765 RPM
- Reducer Ratio: 5 To 1
- Output RPM: Variable Speed
- With Stainless Steel Control Panel & Quick Connect Plug
- 17'' Diameter Milling Chamber
- Discharge: 15''
- Stainless Steel Screen: 2'' Slot Screen
- Comes With One Spare Stainless Steel Screen: 0.75'' Slot Screen
- With Stainless Steel Clamp Down Tray
- Mill Is On A Stainless Steel Frame With Ramps, Mezzanine & Casters
- Overall Dimensions: 7' X 9' X 6' High
- All Stainless Steel, Sanitary Construction
- Previous Use: Food Application
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