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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 369204
Item Number 369204
Item Name ALTO SHAAM 1200 TH/III Oven
Model Number 1200 TH/III
Serial Number 2431849-000
Year Built 2019
Location West Virginia
Price $6,450.00

2019 Alto Shaam 1200 TH/III with Dual Cavity and Digital Control Board. Excellent condition with limited use. Retails for over 11k new. All probes, shelves and door seals are in excellent condition, digital control board is with damage or cracking to the overlay. Have two ovens and currently need only one.

The oven that delivers higher volumes with higher quality. The dual-compartment 1200-TH/III Cook & Hold oven is ideal for cooking large volumes of food in a limited amount of space. When cooking by probe, it will record the highest and lowest temperatures sensed to assure that foods are cooked to required temperatures. Precise, radiant heating leads to significant moisture retention that extends holding time while improving flavor.

- Maintain food quality. Keep product at perfect serving temperature and hold for hours without overcooking or drying out.

- Easy to operate. Cook by time or by probe with deluxe controls. The oven senses internal product temperature with probe and automatically converts from cook mode to hold mode once set parameters have been reached.

- SureTemp™ heat recovery system assures immediate compensation for any heat loss whenever the door is opened and provides an audible reminder if the door is left open for more than three minutes.

- Expand menus. Low and slow heat can be used to prepare items like clarified butter, confit, stocks – and much more.

- Sealed, static cooking environment traps meat’s natural flavor and juices, reducing meat shrink, improving food quality and extending hold life.

- Intuitive, one-touch cooking. Reduce operational requirements with programmable, easy to use controls.

- Store up to eight recipes that include cook, hold, time, and probe set points. Simply load the oven, push the power button, the preset menu button, and start.

- Clear, easy-to-read LED display indicates remaining cook time or the full range of programmed cooking and holding parameters.

- Reduce prep time and labor costs with intuitive controls and simple operation. Set it and forget it. Come back to food cooked and held to perfection.

- Greater yields and less food waste with Halo Heat technology. Minimize food costs with 18% less protein shrinkage compared to conventional cooking. Serve more portions from the same cut of meat to increase your profit margin.

- Easy to clean. Simply remove shelves and wipe clean.

- Waterless design. Reduce installation and operating costs – no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.

- HACCP compliance made easy. No need to manually log temperatures each hour. Data logger automatically tracks food temperature readings and operation mode by date and time – all downloadable onto a USB flash drive.

- Energy savings. Ovens cost less than $2 per day to operate.

- Made in the USA with a commitment to quality.

Per Compartment

4 Full-Size Steam Table Pans (2-1/2")
4 GN 1/1 Pans (65mm)
8 Full-Size Sheet Pans (1")

75-5/8" x 23-15/16" x 31-5/8"
1920mm x 608mm x 802mm

Shipping Weight 435lbs
Additional Prep Fees May Apply


Height 76.00 in
Width 24.00 in
Length 32.00 in
Weight 435.00 lbs
Prep Fee $0.00
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