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Latest Offers
NameBid AmountDate
TERRUZZI Model TP1-S Freeze Dryer$20,000.004/19/2014 6:44 AM
250 lbs. GELGOOD GGNX 100AMeat MixerCounter Bid!4/19/2014 5:32 AM
Model TC 12 Filler$5,795.004/18/2014 8:18 PM
LABEL AIRE 2114M Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Labeling MachineCounter Bid!4/18/2014 4:44 PM
LABEL-AIRE Wrap Around Labeling System$3,250.004/18/2014 4:36 PM
250 lbs. GELGOOD GGNX 100AMeat Mixer$2,750.004/18/2014 4:04 PM
LABEL AIRE 2114M Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Labeling Machine$1,675.004/18/2014 3:40 PM
FEDERAL K Series 21/7 Filler/CapperSOLD!4/18/2014 3:21 PM
CADCO XAF 133 Commercial Convection Oven $500.004/18/2014 2:53 PM
Stainless Steel Sanitary Pump and Gear Motor$800.004/18/2014 2:35 PM
ZB-80 Stainless Steel Bowl ChopperCounter Bid!4/18/2014 2:30 PM
21'' X 34'' SHANKLIN S24B Heat SealerCounter Bid!4/18/2014 12:57 PM
13'' X 22'' SHANKLIN T-7XL Heat TunnelCounter Bid!4/18/2014 12:56 PM
VACMASTER Vacuum SealerSOLD!4/18/2014 12:56 PM
90 Degree Conveyor$1,100.004/18/2014 12:55 PM
21'' X 34'' SHANKLIN S24B Heat Sealer$1,160.004/18/2014 12:54 PM
13'' X 22'' SHANKLIN T-7XL Heat Tunnel$600.004/18/2014 12:53 PM
ZB-80 Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper$4,500.004/18/2014 12:39 PM
EXAKT 80 3 Roll Mill$8,250.004/18/2014 12:26 PM
5 CF BUSH V-Blender$8,000.004/18/2014 11:59 AM
20 QT HOBART A200 Commercial Dough Mixer with Bowl and Paddle$1,200.004/18/2014 11:37 AM
ROTOSOLVER 13RS133 Stainless Steel High Speed Mixing HeadSOLD!4/18/2014 9:52 AM
1.5 HP THOMAS Oil Free Air Compressor$500.004/18/2014 9:50 AM
10 cf ROSS Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender$13,974.004/18/2014 9:20 AM
ERIKA Record Semi Auto Divider RounderSOLD!4/18/2014 8:24 AM
112.5 KVA FEDERAL PACIFIC T6T112SE TransformerCounter Bid!4/18/2014 7:46 AM
2 Nozzle FLL-250S Liquid Filler, 100-1000mlCounter Bid!4/18/2014 7:41 AM
Stainless Steel Cook Tank with Programmable Watlo Controllers$500.004/18/2014 7:27 AM
112.5 KVA FEDERAL PACIFIC T6T112SE Transformer$1,000.004/18/2014 7:22 AM
BEMIS 1575D148 Bag InserterCounter Bid!4/18/2014 6:30 AM
Newest Listings
NameAsking Price
CASCADE Slipsheet Forklift Attachment$1,000.00
KOHLER-FORD Gen-Set, 33KW$6,000.00
2 Ton SHAWBOX Electric Cable Hoist, Cap. 4000 lbs$2,500.00
TINDALL PACKAGING Model 817 Ice Cream Filler, 48oz $25,000.00
80 Gallon CLEVELAND KGL-80T Tilt Steam Kettle$13,000.00
350 Gallon HOOVER GROUP Stainless Steel Tote$2,600.00
CUMMINS 400 Engine$3,000.00
TINDALL PACKAGING Model 814 Single Line Pint Ice Cream Filler$20,000.00
55 Ton 10' PACIFIC J-Series Hydraulic Press$12,000.00
STAR 40SS4818T140 Filter Press $20,000.00
GROEN 80 Gallon Steam Kettle Agitator Agitation Mixer$4,999.00
CIM 10000 Croissant Line$25,000.00
20 QT HOBART A200 Commercial Dough Mixer with Bowl and Paddle$1,500.00
112.5 kva GE K Factor Transformer$1,350.00
JOHNSON CJ-1800 IT Cheese Shredder$12,500.00
PENN TECH Vial Washer, Tray Loader and Depyrogenation Tunnel$395,850.00
RHEON KN400 Encrusting Machine$27,000.00
20"W x 18"D x 102" SANI MATIC COP Tank$6,500.00
DONALDSON DFO3-6 Dust Collector$12,500.00
CONTINENTAL Single Door Reach-In Cooler$375.00
10 cf ROSS Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender$19,750.00
5 CF BUSH V-Blender$14,500.00
1 HP NORD SK 12F-80L/4 CUS Gear Reducer$325.00
90 Degree Conveyor$1,850.00
40" x 10' ROTEX 811 Stainless Steel Single Deck Screener$12,500.00
17'' BOICE CRANE MP54 Drill Press$800.00
CUSHMAN Titan Sobr Electric Cart$1,720.00
TAYLOR DUNN D2-48 Electric Cart, Cap. 3000 lbs$1,490.00
TAYLOR DUNN B2-48 Electric Cart, Cap. 3000 lbs$1,720.00
TAYLOR DUNN B2-48 Electric Cart, Cap. 3000 lbs$1,490.00
Clearance Items
NumberNameOriginal PriceAsking Price
12693815 HP JAYHAWK 3MPYB Mustard Mill$10,750.00$4,750.00
124697OMEGA Unscrambler 4D-RP2-8 w/ Rinse Feature$6,000.00$2,500.00
130420CLEVELAND Model 24CGA10.2 Steamcraft Gemini 10 Steamer$12,000.00$2,500.00
103664AK ROBBINS Retort 42" Dia x 6' Deep$2,750.00$1,375.00
124929ZED Pressure Former Model 196-3$20,000.00$13,400.00
133518ZED Model 196 Thermoformer$15,000.00$10,000.00
133517THERMTROL Pressure Former w/ 4 Up Nacho Mold$15,000.00$10,000.00
133516THERMTROL Model 250 Pressure Former w/ 2 Up Banana Boat Mold$10,000.00$6,700.00
10031330 Ton ATLAS Hi-Cut Hydraulic Trim Press$1,500.00$500.00
115665CARR EFFE CRX Hydraulic Drum Lift Inverter$5,500.00$2,800.00
91438VTM COUDROM Vibratory Feeder$4,000.00$2,000.00
118330METTLER/TOLEDO Digital Weigh Scale AE16O$600.00$450.00
115836MAYVILLE ENG. "Handy Herman III" Platform Lift$3,950.00$2,963.00
11620725 HP REEVES Vari Speed Drive$7,500.00$5,625.00
1227174" DeZURIK S/S Knife Gate Valve$800.00$600.00
1243786" DeZURIK S/S Knife Gate Valve$800.00$600.00
10339625 HP FALK Shaft Mount Gear Reducer$5,000.00$3,750.00
1352608" MACHINE-MATICS C/S Rotary Air Lock$400.00$300.00
116262MACHINE MATICS Rotary Air Lock 8" C/I Mach$1,000.00$750.00
1161997" FLO-TRONICS Rotary Air Lock, Cast Iron$400.00$300.00
124377Drive Shaft Mount 10.10HP 5.00:1 Ratio 400 RPM$650.00$488.00
1161958HP Shaft Mount AC Drive 5:00:1 RATIO 400 RPM$650.00$488.00
1161940.25HP Horizontal Right Angle AC Drive 600.00:1$500.00$375.00
1161921.4 HP FMC LINKBELT 400-66J 2-Piece Drive$300.00$225.00
1161911 HP 2-Piece AC Drive, 50.00:1 Ratio$300.00$225.00
1161901.5 HP FMC LINKBELT Drive - 2 Piece$300.00$225.00
1161892.1HP 2-Piece Drive AC 60.00:1 Ratio$300.00$225.00
1155571.1HP 86 RPM AC 2-Piece Drive 60.00:1 Ratio$300.00$225.00
1352501.46HP 2-Piece AC Drive 50.00:1 Ratio$300.00$225.00
1158293.00HP AC Right Angle Horizontal Drive 20:1$250.00$188.00
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