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ITALGI Model PR30 Automatic Ravioli Machine Images

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ITALGI Model PR30 Automatic Ravioli Machine

Asking Price: $7,999.00
  • Current Offer:
  • $4,800.00
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  • $5,200.00
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www.bidonequipment.com, Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Algonquin, IL
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  • Information
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  • Item Number 135023
  • Item Name ITALGI Model PR30 Automatic Ravioli Machine
  • Model Number N/A
  • Serial Number N/A
  • Year Built N/A
  • Condition Excellent
  • Location Texas
  • Price $7,999.00
  • Description:  
Have you ever made ravioli with a machine? I bet you didn t because the machine was worth +$10,000. Now you get a chance at a machine for half the price and if you combine it with the knowledge you can gain from me then the value increases considerably.


The double sheet ravioli machine PR30 makes a wide range of different shapes and sizes of ravioli, either square, round, triangle or half-moon. The ravioli come out in strips and have to be separated by hand.

The machine comes with stainless steel body and can use many different dies to produce different shapes. Changing the die is a very quick and easy operation.

The machine can be feeded with dough sheets made with any extruder or sheeter. If the sheet is made with an extruder a special die is available to obtain the suitable thickness and width of the sheet without having to cut it. A useful sheet roller is also available to automatically collect the sheet coming out of the extruder.

The PR30 can make ravioli filled with any soft stuffing, like meat, cheese, vegetables, fish... The amount of stuffing can be easily adjusted by the operator; pasta thickness can also be modified.

- Specifications -
Width: 35"
Height: 57"
Depth: 15"
Voltage: 220V

Additional Prep Fees May Apply
  • Height N/A
  • Width N/A
  • Length N/A
  • Weight N/A
  • Crating or Skidding Fee N/A

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