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    All transactions with Bid on Equipment begin as offers from an anonymous Buyer to an anonymous Seller. This allows for the fairest, least biased playing field for everyone involved, but in order for Bid on Equipment to be able to help Buyers and Sellers, we need to know how to get a hold of you.

    Bid on Equipment maintains a stringent privacy policy and will never sell, trade, barter or otherwise share your information outside of your transactions.

    Registering with Bid on Equipment is always Free (and very simple.)

    • On the Registration Page, provide basic contact information.

    Additional Information that you may provide:

    Secondary Contact- This allows you to identify another person that we may contact if you are unavailable and there is activity on your account. This person should have the ability to make decisions on the Buying and Selling of Items.

    Additional Address(es)- If you have more than one location that you will either Sell from or Ship to, you can save additional locations to your profile.

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    MyBidon is a portal that was developed for our customers based on feedback received over the past ten years. MyBidon provides a personalized marketplace, centralizing information and communications vital to the Buying and Selling of Items on Bid on Equipment. MyBidon is comprised of:


    Bid on Equipment developed MyMessages as a centralized location to deliver correspondence and documentation related to activities on Bid on Equipment. You will be notified of anything new in MyMessages by email.

    Documents requiring your Electronic Signature are found in MyMessages


    Once an agreement has been made between a Buyer and Seller, MyDeals provides a place to track the status of your Purchases or Items being sold.

    There is a button labeled Status that when clicked will open an overlay that displays all of the completed steps in a deal and what the next step is.

    On the same overlay there is a button labeled 'Contact Bid on Equipment about this Deal'. Opening this will allow you to send a message directly to your salesperson.


    All of your Items that are currently for sale are Listed in MyItems.

    The Edit button allows you to send a note to let our Listing Department know that you need to make a change to your Item.

    The Remove button lets Bid on Equipment know that the Item is no longer available.


    Questions Asked/Answered - displays all of the questions and answers that you asked on an item. It also contains all of the questions and answers that you have answered on your items.

    My Items - No Longer Listed contains all items that you have marked not available and items that you have sold.

    Transactions - shows all of the offers and counter offers you have made and received.

    Document History - allows you to see all of your signed invoices and seller confirmations.


    The MyAccount page allows you to manage your account. In MyAccount you will be able to add a second person to the account, change your password, and add additional addresses.

    My Watched Categories

    This area allows you track new activity in specific categories that you choose. These categories are selected by checking a box in the upper right hand corner on any item page.

    When a category is selected you will see the three most recent items listed in that category at all times.

    To remove a category from My Watched Categories go to an item in that category and uncheck the box.

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    Listing your Items for sale on Bid on Equipment is a very simple process. Bid on Equipment’s Internet Marketing can more effectively find Buyers for your excess Equipment than most Sellers are able too on their own.

    Beyond the website itself our Customer Service Staff specializes in connecting Sellers and Buyers through our wide network of industry professionals.

    Listing your items on Bid on Equipment incurs zero risk to you.

    There are no charges or fees until the Item sells and you are free to Sell your Items via other means with no penalty.

    Tips on Selling


    Bid on Equipment is not an auction site. We are also not a direct retail store.

    Bid on Equipment provides a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers can negotiate pricing reasonable to both parties. Sellers can only receive offers in the Price Range that they create. Knowing that, Sellers should set a Price Range accordingly. If you have no idea on what the price of your Item should be, give us a call for guidance.

    Item Descriptions

    Be as descriptive and accurate as possible when listing an Item. Inaccurate titles, descriptions and photos often lead to disputes or delays in order processing.

    Provide multiple pictures to offer Buyers the most accurate representation of your Item.

    It is a good idea to describe known defects to your item. Buyers are shopping in a USED Equipment marketplace and will appreciate the honesty.

    If you would like to add a video to your Listing, please email the video to with the Item number referenced in the message.

    If you have an online brochure that you would like to include, please enter the URL into the description when listing the Item.

    If you need any additional assistance with your Listing please call at 1-847-854-8577 during normal business hours and ask for the Listing Department.

    Shipping Information

    Providing shipping information at the time you list your Item significantly speeds up processing when an Offer is placed on it.

    Special Note: If your Item will require skidding or crating prior to shipment, shipping information should reflect the skidded or crated weight and dimensions!

    Responding to Questions

    Sellers are required to respond to questions and offers for their items within three business days. Lack of response will result in the removal of the Listing and possible suspension of the account.


    A Seller may choose to accept any valid Offer placed via the website, but Seller acceptance is not mandatory unless the Buyer’s Offer equals the Current Asking Price.

    In most cases a Buyer places an Offer and a negotiation takes place in order to find a Price that is acceptable to both the Buyer and Seller.

    If a Seller responds to an Offer with a Counter Offer the Counter Offer is considered to be the Current Asking Price for the Buyer(s) that are involved in the negotiation.

    If an Offer is received at your Asking Price you are required to sell the Item immediately without negotiation.

    Opening Offer is the price at which the Seller would like to begin negotiating. Our system will auto-calculate an Opening Offer at 50% of your Asking Price, but a Seller may change this value prior to completing their Listing request.

    The minimum Asking Price of any Item is $100.

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    Pre-Offer Research

    Request More Information System: A Buyer has the ability to ask questions to an Item Seller by using our “Ask a Question” system.

    All submissions using the “Ask a Question’ system are forwarded to the Item Seller during normal business hours.

    Bid on Equipment may edit the submitted question (and answer) or in some cases respond directly, as appropriate.

    Additional Information Tab: On Item pages “Add. Info” tab, Bid on Equipment will sometimes display questions that have been asked about an Item that Bid on Equipment thinks might be useful to a potential Buyer.

    Conference Calls:

    Buyers may request a Conference Call with a Seller at any time. Only Registered Customers may request a Conference Call. During a conference call please be aware that no company, personal, or contact information may be shared. A Bid on Equipment staff member will facilitate all discussions.We will do our best to find a time that works for both the Buyer and Seller and manage the discussion.


    Bid on Equipment recommends inspecting all Items prior to purchase.

    If a Buyer chooses not to inspect an Item prior to purchase we will include language to the Item Invoice stating that the Buyer has waived their right to inspect.

    Bid on Equipment’s inspection policy is to Invoice for and collect a Refundable Deposit equal to 20% of the Asking Price or as agreed to by Bid on Equipment prior to disclosing the Seller’s contact information.

    A Valid Offer must be entered into our system in order to begin the inspection process. This offer is not be considered to be binding, but is required for technical reasons.

    The Inspection Deposit is fully applicable towards the purchase of the Item if a deal is finalized.

    If a Buyer decides the Item will not be purchased the Inspection Deposit will be refunded.

    A Buyer may request a member of Bid on Equipment assist or conduct an Inspection. This is handled on a case by cases basis, in which the Buyer will incur all costs (including but not limited to travel and lodging) involved with the Inspection.


    Buyers place Offers that are within the displayed Price Range on Items that they wish to purchase.

    In most cases a Buyer places an Offer and a negotiation takes place in order to find a Price that is acceptable to both the Buyer and Seller.

    More than one Buyer may be interested in the same Item and any registered customer may place Offers until the Seller has accepted a price.

    If multiple Buyers have placed an Offer on an Item and the Item Seller ‘Counter Offers’, all Buyers with an active Offer will receive communication of the new Current Asking Price.

    If multiple Buyers have placed and Offer an Item, each time an Offer is placed on the Item, all Buyers with an active Offer will receive communication that the current Offer has increased.

    Offers place on Items are considered active and valid for a period of 3 business days. This can be extended only if agreed to by the Item Seller.
    The Price at which an Item sells, while negotiable, is ultimately controlled by the Item Seller and not Bid on Equipment.

    ‘Not Available’ Items

    Bid on Equipment does not require Sellers to enter into exclusive sales contracts. Sellers may sell their Items via other means. On occasion, a Seller will sell an Item and forget to notify us.

    Bid on Equipment will attempt to locate a comparable Item should this situation arise.

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    The Deal Process

    The Seller of an Item pays Bid on Equipment a commission at the time of sale equal to 10% of the Agreed Price.

    The buyer of an item pays Bid on Equipment a commission at the time of sale, based on the agreed selling price per the structure below.

    Item Price                Commission
    $100 - $11999               10%
    $12000 - $24999            9%
    $25000+                          8%

    A standard transaction has 5 steps.

    Requests for Information

    Buyers are encouraged to ask questions to Sellers prior to placing Offers. The quickest method to get the answers you need is via our “Ask a Question” system. Submitted Questions are processed by Bid on Equipment staff personally and forwarded to Sellers during normal business hours. Most Sellers respond within two business days.


    Buyers can make any Offer on an Item within the Price Range displayed on the Item page. Sellers have 2 business days to respond to an Offer. Sellers respond with a Counter Offer, an Acceptance or a notification that the Item is no longer available. The Seller response is communicated to the Buyer and in the case of a Counter Offer, the Buyer may then respond with a further Counter Offer or request a Conference Call to negotiate directly. Conference Calls are facilitated by Bid on Equipment staff.

    Only Offers and Acceptances submitted via the website are considered valid and binding.


    Upon Acceptance of Price and Terms, Buyers receive an Electronic Invoice.

    No Payment should be issued to Bid on Equipment prior to issuance of an Invoice.

    Upon Acceptance of Price and Terms, Sellers receive an Electronic Seller Confirmation.

    Payment is issued to a Seller only following signature of the Seller Confirmation.


    Buyers remit Payment to Bid on Equipment.

    The Invoice amount will reflect the Agreed Price, Seller Handling Fees (as required) and BoE Commission.

    Sellers are paid directly by Bid on Equipment.

    The Seller Confirmation will reflect the Agreed Price and Handling Charges and BoE Commission. Customers in the US have the following options for Payment (either to purchase or as remittance for a sale).


    Bid on Equipment, through its partnership with various Shipping Vendors will provide Shipping Quotes free of charge for its Registered Customers.

    Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer and contracted Shipping Vendor.

    Bid on Equipment assumes no responsibility for the actual shipment of any Items.

    Payment Types

    ACH (Automated Clearing House)

    ACH payments are direct electronic payments to or from your bank account and take approximately 2-3 business days to process.

    Wire Transfer

    Wire transfers process same day but incur a processing fee (non-refundable). This does not include fees that your bank may include.

    Credit Card

    Payments by Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. A processing fee will apply (non-refundable).

    Business Check

    Payments submitted by check will incur a delay while waiting for bank clearance. Payment by check TO SELLERS are sent by standard US Mail.

    International Payments

    Customers outside the US may only pay by Wire Transfer and will be paid for sales by Wire Transfer (Canada may use a credit card, but it will incur a 5% processing fee).

    Shipping Header      Arrow

    Bid on Equipment will provide Shipping Quotes free of charge to any Registered Customer.

    Shipping Quotes are approximate and based on the weights and dimensions supplied by the Seller.

    All shipping costs will be billed directly to the Buyer from the shipping vendor, not Bid on Equipment.

    Bid on Equipment is not responsible for any changes in shipping related charges.

    All shipments quoted are expected to be pre-paid to the freight company prior to pick up.

    Types of Packaging

    Pallet: standard wooden base for shipping purposes, with an interrupted wood plank top platform and base platform with forklift holes between the two.

    Skid: A custom built pallet that is a larger size or sturdier built. They made have a solid top and bottom platform, but still must have forklift holes for lifting.

    Skeleton Crate: A skid that has additional wood framing extending upwards from the platform, around the item.

    Full Crate: A wooden box built around the item to ship, that has a skid type bottom.

    Types of Quotes

    LTL Common Carrier Shipment: Often the quickest & cheapest way to ship freight. Items must be fully skidded, not overhanging, and covered with plastic wrap/bubble wrap/cardboard. Normally the height limit for LTL is 100”, width limit is 100”.

    Blanket Wrap Shipment: Items shipped via blanket wrap shipment normally do not require a skid, crate, or packaging. Normally the height limit for blanket wrap is 100-108”, width limit is 100”.

    Logistics Van Shipment: In all logistics van shipments, the items are strapped into the side of the trailer after loading, and are not put onto a different trailer during shipment. Normally the height limit is 100-108”, width limit is 100”.

    Flatbed Shipment: These shipments carry all of the same traits as the logistics van shipments, other than the cost is normally about 10% higher, and the items are loaded and unloaded from an open trailer, with no sides or top. This type of shipments allows for loading of large/long items from the side of the trailer. Height limit is 102”, width limit is 102” – however permits can be purchased at additional cost for over height or over width.

    Ocean Shipment: Items for ocean freight must be shipped in ocean containers. If the item is small enough, it can share containers with other freight – then item must be packaged similarly to LTL common carrier shipments. Bid on Equipment can only provide ocean quotes from USA or Canada door locations to worldwide sea ports. Buyer would be responsible for arranging for transport from the sea port to their facility.

    Air Shipment: Items can be shipped via air freight whether within or outside of the continental USA. Air shipments are normally ½ the transit time of the corresponding common carrier truck shipment or ocean quote, but are also double the price. There are sizing restrictions on freight, each item must be evaluated individually.

    International Shipments: Customs duties and taxes (for shipments between USA & Canada only) are a very complex charge. Duties are largely dependent upon the final sale price as well as the country of origin of the machine itself.