Most Common Questions
    Most Common Questions

    ¿Hay personas que hablan español?

    Sí, tenemos personas de ventas que hablan español.

    Are there any upfront costs?

    Bid on Equipment does not charge for Registration, Listing or placing Offers on the Items listed on our site.

    Who owns the Equipment? Who are the Sellers?

    Bid on Equipment does not own any of the Items listed on our site. Sellers range from individuals who own a single piece of Equipment to a company trying to sell off assets and Equipment Dealers with thousands of Items. All of them benefit from Bid on Equipment’s world class Search Engine Optimization and broad base of Buyers.

    Who are the Buyers?

    Individuals opening their new Small Business, established Companies expanding to meet the needs of their growing customer base to large Corporations entering new markets.

    Why can’t I have the contact information or exact location?

    Bid on Equipment’s revenue is generated from the Commissions that are paid at each Sale. Upon payment from the Buyer, contact and location information is shared with both the Buyer and Seller.

    Why should I list on Bid on Equipment?

    Bid on Equipment’s Internet Marketing has a proven track record of connecting Buyers to the Equipment they need more effectively than Sellers can accomplish on their own.

    Beyond the Website itself our Staff specializes in helping Sellers find Buyers through our wide network of Industry Professionals. Listing your items on Bid on Equipment incurs zero risk. There are no charges or fees until the Item sells and you are free to sell your Items via other means.

    When does the auction end?

    We are not an auction site. A Seller sets the price he would like to get for an Item and the Minimum Offer that they are willing to begin negotiating from. A Seller can accept any Offer in this range at any time. An Offer placed equal to the Asking Price is automatically accepted by our system.

    Can I rent an item?

    Unfortunately we do not rent, we only Sell.

    Can I offer a trade?

    We do not allow any trades.

    Do you have any equipment on location?

    No, Bid on Equipment does not own or take ownership of the Items on our site.

    Can I list on other websites?

    Yes, there is no exclusivity contract when listing with Bid on Equipment.

    Can you send me a quote for several items?

    Because we do not own any of the items ‘we’ cannot quote items. We can facilitate negotiations with our Sellers if the line you are looking for is spread across multiple Sellers.

    What happens after I make an Offer?

    The Seller has three days to respond with either an Acceptance or Counter Offer.

    How do I just buy it right now without placing an Offer and have it delivered as soon as possible?

    The fastest way to purchase an Item is to place an Offer at the Asking Price. This will automatically suspend the Listing and start the Deal Process.

    How does payment work?

    The Buyer pays Bid on Equipment and we pay the Seller.

    Who pays for shipping?

    The Buyer always pays for shipping. However, we can provide Shipping Quotes and assist in arranging shipping on any Item.