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About Us
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BoE in 2002
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BoE Homepage 2005
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In 1998, after a decade in machinery sales, Larry Lebedun struck out on his own to create Legend Machines, Inc.

Legend Machines primary focus was on the direct sale of Used Packaging and Processing machinery. In very short order, Larry called on David Berman, whom he worked with previously to join the company and together they successfully grew their own niche in Used Equipment sales. Recognizing the potential of Internet sales in expanding their customer base, they decided to develop a marketplace that would allow other dealers to list their Packaging and Processing Machinery.

From that idea, Bid-On-Equipment.com was launched in 2001 in Hampshire, Illinois. Core concepts to this new venture were that the Item Listings and Buyer inquiries would be free of charge and as Larry learned from his father’s successful businesses, Excellent Customer Service was essential.

These pillars remain as the fundamental components of
Bid on Equipment today.

Business volume began to increase rapidly, leading to the hire of Marta Guzzardo. Hiring Marta proved to be a very wise decision as growth again increased under her management. In 2005 to improve the efficiency of the business Legend Machines merged with
Bid on Equipment, with all activity being conducted exclusively through the Bid-on-Equipment.com website.

Always deemed a work in progress, Larry and David continued to improve the website. Using customer feedback as the barometer for change, Bid on Equipment’s customers helped to evolve the website and the business. Persistent business demand and a widening customer base over the next several years required Bid on Equipment to increase its staff and reexamine its processes. After bringing on several new staff members on to accommodate the business growth Bid On Equipment's office space was bursting at the seams and quickly outgrew the building in Hampshire.

In 2009 Larry decided to move the company to a larger facility in Algonquin, Illinois and also to begin a ‘ground up’ rework of the website to better prepare for the future of the company.

Relying on customer input for guidance, Bid on Equipment embarked on the BoE 2.0 Project. The 2 year project was commenced to critically examine and rebuild the company’s order processing infrastructure and customer interface to ensure its capabilities could meet the customer demands of the next decade.

BoE 2.0 retains many of the original elements that worked for our customer base and improves upon areas that needed it. Full integration of inventory, invoicing, shipping and customer relationship management systems was developed to free the various Customer Service teams to focus their efforts directly on the Customers. Our user friendly interface underwent a dramatic improvement with cosmetic changes, modernized
technology and increased functionality.

On November 5th, 2013 BoE 2.0 launched.

Update: May, 2013. We are proud to announce that David Berman has decided to retire. We at Bid on Equipment appreciate his decade of work and partnership and wish David a restful and happy retirement.