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  • Information
  • Shipping
  • Item Number 145004
  • Item Name CORONADO GOLD MEDAL #2139 36 oz. Popcorn Machine
  • Model Number Gold Medal Cor
  • Serial Number N/A
  • Year Built N/A
  • Condition Good
  • Location Iowa
  • Price $3,000.00
  • Description:  
Nice Used Cornado Gold Medal 36 oz Popcorn Machine

Additional Prep Fees May Apply
  • Height 1 in
  • Width 1 in
  • Length 1 in
  • Weight 1 lbs
  • Crating or Skidding Fee $0.00

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CORONADO GOLD MEDAL #2139 36 oz. Popcorn Machine

Asking Price: $3,000.00
  • Current Offer:
  • $1,650.00
  • Next Valid Offer:
  • $1,800.00
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www.bidonequipment.com, Industrial Equipment & Supplies, Algonquin, IL

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