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    Item Id 409511
    Item #: 409511
    Item: KADANT JOHNSON Steam Box Desuperheater
    Model #: N/A
    Serial #: L1452T10 /3449
    Year Built: 2020
    Location: Wisconsin
    Price: $2,100.00


    Kadant Johnson steambox Desuperheater, absorption tank style, ASME Certified tank (150MAWP) includes class 150 Flanged steam connectors, stainless steel mesh absorption pad, stainless steel nozzle, Ashcroft pressure gauge.

    What is Desuperheated Steam?
    Desuperheated steam results when “superheated” steam either naturally or by design is reduced in temperature to the saturated steam temperature or slightly above. Desuperheated steam can occur naturally via heat loss in pipework or it can be deliberately induced with a desuperheater device. A desuperheater device injects a controlled amount of water into the superheated steam. The steam temperature is reduced by evaporative cooling from the water being injected into the superheated steam thereby lowering the temperature to allow for more efficient downstream use of the steam.

    Benefits of desuperheated steam
    • Desuperheated steam protects process equipment further down the production line
    • Improves heat transfer at the point of steam energy use
    • Makes steam usable for downstream applications

    Fun fact: You receive more steam out of a desuperheater than you put in!

    Please see the pictures for a little illustration on the basic’s of Desuperheating, the specifications on this particular unit are available on the proposal and on the pictured tag, the application drawing shows the in system layout, this Is just the Desuperheater unit and does not include the surrounding instrumentation valves, controllers etc. can be utilized in most boiler applications if sized correctly.

    This unit was purchased in 2020 for 55,200, this is and excellent opportunity to add this unit to your system for a substantial cost savings!!

    This unit was purchased new to be installed on a paper machine in WI. In 2020 but was never installed because of a business closure. The installation drawings are available to assist in reapplication of the unit and its specs and capabilities. This unit was proposed for location for a steam modification project that would lead to huge cost saving measures.

    This unit is absolutely new and still banded to the shipping pallet.

    Additional Prep Fees May Apply


    Height: 60.00 in
    Width: 36.00 in
    Length: 72.00 in
    Weight: 500.00 lbs
    Prep Fee: $200.00
    Registered Customers can request shipping quotes free of charge. Shipping Quotes take 1-3 Business Days to Process

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