STILMAS MS 204 SDistillation Unit | 378090

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    Item Details

    Item Id 378090
    Item #: 378090
    Item: STILMAS MS 204 SDistillation Unit
    Model #: MS 204 S
    Serial #: N/A
    Year Built: 2003
    Location: Italy
    Price: $22,000.00


    Distillation Unit STILMAS MS 204 S

    The teedwater is pre-heated in the exchanger E009, by steam condensation coming trom the last column, and in the pre-heaters F004-F001 by condensate produced in every effect. The teedwater evaporates partially in the first column (E001) as heated by industriai steam. The industriai steam passes through the pre-heater F001 and is drained by steam trap ST001. The produced pure steam trom the top and the water not evaporateci trom the bottom 1 -pass to the tollowing effect, where the process is repeated at lower pressure and temperature. The distillate produced by pure steam condensation goes to the pre-heater F002. The process is repeated for all columns in the same way. The steam produced in the last effect is condensateci and cooled together with the distillate coming from pre-heaters in the exchangers E009 and E01O, by teed and cooling water.

    Conveyed by main pipe in the upper paq ot column, the teedwater goes down through the exchanger tube side and evaporates as heated by industriai steam coming from the shell side. (The water I steam mixture is conveyed in the lower part ot column by main tunnel, where the steam is split trom the water. The water lies on bottom and goes out trom gate B; the steam goes up at the outside ot tunnel and goes out trom gate F. The condensate passes in the pre-heater shell side and goes out trom the gate G; the teedwater goes into the gate C and goes out trom gate D.

    The distillate goes out at 95°C as indicateci in the drawing no. 0969/3; for the correct running of the plant it is necessary that the storage tank and the connecting piping are at a lower height. The conductivity changes from 0.25 to 1 uS / cm., depending on feedwater quality.

    - gas must be free without backpressure
    - concentrate must be free without backpressure
    - cooling water can be regenerated and used as hot water
    - industrial steam condensate better if connected with condensate recovery ring; otherwise, it can be discharged avoiding the connection with gas and concentrate discharge from stili.

    3. - CONNECTIONS FEEDWATER pressure quality - consumption must be at least 2 bar more than the one of feeding steam demineralized and filtered, free of amines, organic matters and silica (max conductivity 5 uS) depending on feed steam pressure (see table)

    COOLING WATER pressure - temperature - quality - consumption 2 bar about are necessary inlet 15°C - outlet 80°C softened depending on feed steam pressure (see table)

    FEED STEAM The steam must be saturateci, dry, free of oil and other impurities which may scale the exchanger surfaces. The pressure may change from 3 to-8 bar; the plant is provided with a safety valve calibrateci at 9 bar. Consumption: see table

    - three-phase tension
    - auxiliaries tension AIR minimum pressure V380/ Hz50 V220 / Hz50 + 24 Vcc bar 6

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    Height: 250.00 cm
    Width: 100.00 cm
    Length: 150.00 cm
    Weight: 200.00 kg
    Prep Fee: N/A
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