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    Item Details

    Item Id 397918
    Item #: 397918
    Item: Fully Automatic YRGF-100A Tube Filler and Sealer
    Model #: N/A
    Serial #: N/A
    Year Built: N/A
    Location: California
    Price: $7,000.00


    Fully automatic tube filler and sealer, in excellent condition, only used few times. Chiller included.

    YRGF-100A Tube Filler and Sealer with:
    Product applications:
    Emulsifiable paste

    Controls include:
    Tube channel
    Tube feeder
    Sign Orientation
    Bottom hot melting
    Press sealing
    Date printing
    Tube truing

    Contact parts: 316 stainless steel
    Tube materials: PE, aluminum and compound tube
    Tube diameter: 10-40 millimeters
    Tube length: 50-180 millimeters
    Filling range: 5-250 milliliters
    Accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 percent
    Production speed: up to 40 tubes per minute
    Gas consumption: 600L per minute
    Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa

    The tubes neatly ready in the big container flow in order on a conveyor, automatically
    plug with the forming dies, and turn over to each station by a turntable; meanwhile, under the action of a quantitative piston valve which is directly connected to the cone-shaped lockable hopper, the paste material is automatically injected into the tubes at each interval station. The turntable thereupon takes the filled tubes to next stations (Heating ).

    The Machine can done automatically by turning and move to seal the tube station , than barcode.

    2 .Structure Characteristics
    (1) Designs
    The machine fully embodies GMP's design ideas that required for innovation, and reliability

    Applied a joint control project,
    the machine can finish all processes synchronously, started from auto-feeding, direction adjustment, sealing, coding, then to the final products' outlet.

    (2) The visible panel
    Data of heating temperatures, output capacity, errors and workload is directly displayed on the panel and can be reset. 

    The machine adopts an open design idea, to covered with organic glass, workers can observe and check performance.

    (3) The adjustable sealing unit
    The machine can thermo-seal all-plastic and compounded tubes ,It is easy and adjustable to make different sized tubes with various shaped bottoms according to
    users' requirements.

    (4) Complete satisfying technical needs of medicine equipage filling.

    The compact machine is capable to seal complicated shapes and finish flling and sealing within minimum time.

    a) Guarantee pollution-free from filling.
    The parts wherever contacts to product materials are made of good quality and well-polished stainless steel.

    b) High precision of filling.
    By using a piston quantitative filling valve, it is convenient and reliable to control filling volume.
    c) Easy disassembly and assembly of the filling parts. It is convenient to clean and sterilize the filling unit, since the hopper, the valve, the piston and the jet nozzle can be quickly disassembled.

    d)Use of lifting filling, the jet nozzle stretches into the tubes and avoid the product material staining on
    tubes, or else it will affect sealing.

    e) An extra blowing device is installed to prevent high viscosity material from wire-drawing, or else it will affect sealing.

    f )The flexible tube-cups ensure sealing height all the same.

    g) A stepping driver is used to rotate the tube-cups and cooperates with photocellers to trace automatically at irregular shaped tubes, such as oval tubes.

    h) The flling system adopts mechanical transmission method to stabilize filling volume.

    I) The machine is using original Swiss Leister heating.

    j) For possessing good appearance, the tube is thermo sealed inside and water cooled outside.

    k) The machine adopts PLC controlling system and a clearly visible frame.

    L) The machine realizes linkage between the emulsifying machine and the filling machine. It is easy to change different diameter tubes.

    m) It can fill, seal and code all by one machine. All functions can be automatically finished, such as uploading tubes, blowing inner surface, photoceller-trace, filling and sealing.

    n) The machine employs a stepless convertor to control production quantity automatically.

    o) Code data can be preset and displayed on the touch screen.

    P) Cam indexing
    q The machine alarms when error occurs and stops automatically if the door open, and air pressure low or there is overloading.

    Q) The machine adopts a blower and a cutter to deal with high viscosity materials.

    s) Amixer with temperature controllers is optional. ( this you need to buy from the manufacture)

    T) It doesn't fill no-tube-die

    (5) Since the sealing manipulators consist of Japanese slide-rails and glidding axles of the gripper use lubricating-free bearing, they cooperate working reliably without noise or vibration.
    (6) It is using a stepless frequency convertor to balance and joint-control the machine and obtain better output capacity. A high precise fler is installed to the pneumatic controlling system to stabilize pressure.
    (7) There is a clutch installed to the main driving system against overload.
    (8) High output and energy efficiency is achieved with support of the reliable transmission system, the accurate filling system and the advanced sealing forms.

    Additional Prep Fees May Apply


    Height: 78.00 in
    Width: 42.00 in
    Length: 82.00 in
    Weight: 2100.00 lbs
    Prep Fee: N/A
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