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    How To Sell Your Used Equipment On

    Selling Your Used Equipment Online with BoE is easy ... But there are some rules:

    • Listing is Free.
      • Commission is paid to BoE at time of sale.
    • Seller Commission is 10% of Sale price
    • Items listed for over 6 months are eligible for reduced Clearance Commissions
    • Buyer Commissions are 8% to 10% based on Item price
    • All new Sellers are subject to “Pay Upon Loading’ rules (Details below.)
    • All Sales are between the Buyer and the Seller
    • BoE is an intermediary and does not own or take ownership of any Item
    • Sellers must own Items being listed for sale, free of encumberances or liens
    • Seller must notify BoE if a listed Item is sold elsewhere
    • All Prices are in USD and all Sales are calculated in USD
    • At least 1 photo of the Item is required. No stock photos are allowed
    • Sellers should expect questions on their Items and respond to them in a timely manner
    • Buyers are responsible for shipping costs. BoE can assist by providing Shipping Quotes, but Buyers may use any shipping provider that they choose.

    How to List Your Used Equipment for Sale on BoE:

    (click each step to expand for more details)
    Step 1: Create an account by clicking “REGISTER”
    • Click on “REGISTER
      • Provide standard contact information
      • Provide business location information
      • No credit card is required
      • A Seller may begin the listing process immediately after account creation
      • Click on any of the SELL buttons to begin!
    Step 2: Enter your Item Information
    • Category: Select the appropriate category from the Drop down list. Only the top level category is required.
    • Item Name: The proper name of the machine, which can be as simple as ‘conveyor’ but is more effective when the following information is included.
      • Brand
      • Machine Type
      • Model Number
      • Capacity
    • Asking Price: If a Buyer submits an offer at this amount, the Item is automatically considered SOLD and triggers the Sales Process.
      • Entering Asking Price will automatically populate Opening Offer
    • Opening Offer: This is the lowest Offer that you may send to the Seller
      • This is automatically calculated to 50% of the Asking Price. The Seller can change this value, but it is not recommended.
      • The majority of sales on BoE are completed at a negotiated price.
      • Choosing too small of a range limits interaction with Buyers.
    • Photos: Sellers must submit photos of the actual Item for sale.
      • MUST NOT contain any information that identifies the Seller.
      • This includes branding, inventory numbers or any other information that BoE deems inappropriate.
      • BoE will either alter the photos, which requires manual processing time or not post the photo if too much work would be required.
      • Customers can request to add or remove photos.
      • All photos must be submitted in a standard picture formats.
      • PDFs are not accepted as pictures, but manuals and brochures are accepted via email submission.
    Step 3: Optional Additional Details
    Additionally, we provide optional fields for:
    • Model Number
    • Serial Number
    • Customer Reference Number:
      • If you have an internal inventory number, you can enter that here. It will be visible to only to our sales staff and in the MyBidon portal.
    • Year Built
    • Condition
    • Shipping Information: This can be entered during Listing, or we will ask you for it when BoE receives customer inquiries on the Item.
      • If your Item will require crating or palleting to ship, that should be taken into consideration for this information.
    Step 4: Click “FINISH”
    • Please be aware that the Item WILL NOT immediately appear on our site, upon submission.
    • The submitted Item is received by the Listing Staff for processing.
    • BoE's Listing team will conduct the following activities:
      • Verification of Category
      • Standardization of the Item Name
      • Verification that all data entered are ‘expected’ value types
      • Manually verify and approve pictures
      • Post the Item
    • The Listing Staff works standard business hours, so please be aware that Items are only posted publicly during BoE business hours.
      • Items submitted outside of BoE business hours will be processed the next business day.

    The Bid-on-Equipment Sales Process

    (click each step to expand for more details)
    Step 1: Interested Buyers submit questions on the Item page
    • Interested Buyers can ask questions to Sellers using our messaging system or via a conference call moderated by Bid on Equipment Customer Support Representatives.
      • Questions submitted via Contact the Seller are expected to be answered promptly.
      • Sellers can respond via email, MyBidon or by calling and speaking to a customer service representative.
      • Bid on Equipment staff assists in the scheduling and moderation of conference calls between Buyers and Sellers to allow for more comprehensive discussions, as needed.
    Step 2: A Buyer places an Offer on your Item
    • A Buyer places an Offer on an Item:
    • The Seller will receive an email and MyBidon message notifying them of the Offer.
      • If the Offer placed was below the Asking Price.
      • The Seller has the following options:
        • Accept: This accepts the price offered and will start the Sales Process.
        • Counter Offer: Provide a Counter Offer.
          • A Seller can Counter Offer at or below Asking Price:
          • This starts a Counter Bidding process where the Buyer and Seller negotiate a price.
          • The Seller is under NO obligation to accept any offer below asking price.
          • During the Counter Bidding process, if the Buyer or Seller does accept an Offer, that is considered binding and the Sales Process begins.
        • Item Not Available: If an item has no longer available, this will unlist the item
          • BoE sales staff will contact the interested Buyer to pursue other options on the site or from our extensive network of machinery contacts.
    • If the Offer was placed at Asking Price.
      • The Seller receives a notification that the Item has Sold and the Sales Process has begun.
    Step 3: A BoE Sales Team Member is Assigned to Your Deal
    • A member of the Sales staff is assigned to process your Deal.
      • Sales Staff will contact the Seller and Buyer to explain the 'next steps' in detail.
      • Often a conference call is conducted
        • Calls are moderated by BoE Customer Service staff to work through any final questions and details such as shipping logistics.
      • Shipping dimensions, including weight must be provided at this time.
        • Buyers are responsible for shipping.
        • We will provide Quotes from our trusted Shipping Broker partners or Buyers can arrange their own shipping.
    • Invoice and Seller confirmation documents are generated and sent electronically to the Buyer and Seller.
      • These documents provide detailed accounting of the sales price and commission fees.
      • The Buyer and the Seller digitally sign their documents.
    • The Buyer sends payment to BoE.
    • When Buyer funds are verified, BoE pays the the Seller in the next available payout.
      • Customer Payouts are scheduled twice per business day.

    Bid on Equipment Maximizes Your Online Equipment Sales Potential

    Liquidating Your Surplus Used Machinery or Equipment with BoE Offers Unique Advantages

    • BoE ranks on page 1 for over 300 Equipment Categories
    • BoE Averages over 75,000 visitors a month
    • BoE is an intermediary and does not take ownership of any Item
    • All pages are optimized for SEO to ensure maximum visibility in Internet Search
    • BoE is an extension of your Sales force that only get's paid when we help SELL your excess inventory
    • Each sale with BoE is processed by a salesperson that will help you better connect with your Buyers

    Pay Upon Loading Rules

    • All new Sellers are subject to "Pay Upon Loading" rules during their first three sales with Bid On Equipment.
      • The PUL process allows a new Seller to build a ‘ Selling track record’ with BoE, by validating their first three transactions prior to funding.
    • This process is mandatory for all new Sellers and is in effect for the first three sales.
    • When the Shipper arrives to pick up the machine, the Seller must:
      • Take 3 pictures of the sold Item ‘loaded on the truck’
      • Provide a signed copy of the Bill of Lading showing the shipper details and the Item.
      • Send via email to BoE for validation
    • WhenWhen the required pictures and BoL are received by BoE Staff, payment is scheduled for the next available payout cycle
      • BoE conducts two scheduled payouts per business day
    • The three PUL sales MUST be completed without issues related to product, shipping or payment
    • If issues arise that where a new Seller does not adhere to BoE Sales process standards or requirements:
      • BoE reserves the right to notify the Seller that we are extending the PUL rules in order for them to continue Selling
      • Terminate the relationship with the Seller in cases of egregrious or unlawful behavior.
    For further information please see our FAQ page or call us at 847-854-8577