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    Item Id 401309
    Item #: 401309
    Item: THERMO FISHER UXF60086A63 Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers
    Model #: UXF60086A63
    Serial #: N/A
    Year Built: N/A
    Location: California
    Price: $6,500.00


    Store and protect the optimum capacity of the most critical samples with Thermo Scientific Revco UxF 86C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. These freezers achieve outstanding thermal performance, safety and security through state-of-the-art engineering. These refrigerators are designed to maximize temperature uniformity and sample storage while minimizing energy use. Choose from five high density capacities.

    Key Benefits:
    Maximize sample storage capacity while minimizing the freezer's physical space inside the lab

    Protects against a wide range of voltage variation and is easily accessible through the touch-screen display

    4-20 milliamp output compatible with external alarm and monitoring systems

    Two rear access, 1 (25mm) ports allow for the use of inexpedient probes or instrumentation

    Easy-to-remove, washable filter provides protection against dust on the condense

    Several optional features including: LN2and CO2back-up systems, chart recorder, stainless steel inventory racking solutions and hands-free, proximity-card access system

    New Features:
    Store up to 278 lbs. of samples (depending on freezer model) on reinforced, stainless steel shelving

    47 heated gasket provides four touchpoints of security and seven zones of protection

    Five polystyrene insulated inner doors help maintain cabinet temperature during openings and feature embedded rare earth magnets, eliminating exposed latches or magnets

    Refrigeration system with high-efficiency compressors for excellent performance and reliability

    Cabinet + Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology increases the internal capacity of 2 vials up to 4.2% gain up to 76% more capacity in the same footprint with 1mL CryoBank tubes

    Temperature Control:
    Performance: features an outstanding BTU (British thermal unit) reserve. This leads to fast door recovery times so that sample integrity isn't compromised

    Choice of Refrigeration: For the strictest tolerances, the high-performance mode provides the tightest temperature uniformity and peak variation for most applications, energy-savings mode offers excellent temperature control, plus up to 15% savings on energy usage

    Brazed plate heat exchanger for more efficient heat transfer induction brazed joints to reduce leak potential and improve reliability

    Energy-Efficiency: allows you to save up to 15% in energy usage with the energy-savings mode or choose the high-performance mode for applications requiring ultra-tight temperature uniformity all through an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface

    CFC/HCFC free refrigerants

    On-board data storage: Store up to 15 years worth of temperature and event data on our on-board computer

    Easily exchange data: Use the new USB port to download freezer temperature and event log data, or freezer settings from one freezer to another

    Safety and Security: feature an innovative, touch-screen control panel that allows 24/7 monitoring of the freezer's health provides access to a detailed event log built-in USB port enables easy downloading of event log reports to a portable drive

    Manufacture Specifications
    Temperature Range
    -50C to -86C

    Capacity (English)
    28.8 cu. ft.

    Vial Capacity
    60,000 x 2mL

    Weight (English)
    854 lb.

    Touch-Screen LCD

    Access Security
    KeyLock Standard, Padlock Compatible, Key Card Optional

    Smart View Compatibility
    Smart-Vue Compatible

    Health Monitoring
    On Screen, Log File

    Inner Doors

    Operating Modes
    High Performance or Energy Efficiency

    Peak Variation at -80C

    Vial to Energy Ratio
    1.39 watts/100mL vials (box)

    Vial to Footprint Ratio (Metric)
    56.604 vials/cu. m

    Warm up Time -80 C to -50C
    240 min.

    Door Style
    1 Outer, 5 Inner

    Hermetic Compressor

    Vacuum Panel and Water Blown Foam

    Monitoring Options
    Alarm, Recorder

    1200 W


    CE, cULus, UL

    Capacity (Metric)
    815 L

    Plug Type
    NEMA 5-20

    Capacity (Metric) Shelf
    388 kg

    Data Outputs
    RS-485, 4-20mA, dry contacts - standard

    Backup Systems
    CO2 or LN2 Optional

    Water Cooled

    Door Opening Recovery
    33 min.

    Energy Usage

    Footprint (Metric)
    1.06 sq. meters

    Line Voltage Indicator
    Line voltage and Buck/Boost

    On-Board Datalogging

    Setpoint Security
    Standard - Individual user names and passwords

    Vial to Footprint Ratio (English)
    5.272 vials/sq. ft

    Voltage Compensation

    Ultra-Low Freezer, Upright

    Boxes (600)

    Condenser Type
    Fin and Tube, Forced-Air Cooled

    Polyurethane Foam (Insulation), Stainless Steel (Shelves)

    No. of Doors


    Additional Prep Fees May Apply


    Height: 85.00 in
    Width: 48.00 in
    Length: 48.00 in
    Weight: 950.00 lbs
    Prep Fee: $75.00
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