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Chocolate Conching Machine

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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 188140
Item Number 188140
Item Name Chocolate Conching Machine
Model Number N/A
Serial Number N/A
Year Built 0
Location California
Price $47,950.00
Chocolate Conching machines: Twin 12’X 14’ conch tanks, driven by a single 30 hp. 480 volt motor. Final Drive speed is about 30 Rpm. These units were filled with chocolate and sugar and other ingredients and then slowly conched (72 hours) between granite rollers and heavy granite floor plates. The final product is an incredibly smooth product. In today’s hurry, hurry generation these time tested machines have been replaced by high speed conching machines. True they are much faster, but they don’t produce the same fine product.
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Additional Information

What year was this machine built, model number, serial number? What is its capacity? Power consumption?

These units were custom built For Hersheys and installed at this plant in the mid-sixties. This style unit is still in use at its other production plants. Each unit consists of two (2) 12'x14' vats with thick Granite bottoms. The eight (8) stone roller arms are driven by twin FMC gearboxes, powered by a single 3 phase 30 hp. electric motor. The process and production records are a closely guarded secrets. Production varied by how smooth the chocolate. At times the chocolate was processed for 72 hours.

Do you know the capacity for each vat? do you have more then 1 machine available? How many amps does it require? thanks

Do you know the capacity for each vat? How many amps does it require? thanks The Amps depend on the voltage that you apply to the motor. 480 volts= 34.2 amps 208 or 220 =74.5 amps. This unit has a working capacity of about 15,000 pound per side or 30,000 pounds total.


Height 72.00 in
Width 150.00 in
Length 480.00 in
Weight 40000.00 in
Prep Fee $0.00
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