Most Popular Super Bowl Food in Every State

    Most Popular Super Bowl Food in Every State

    Every year, millions of NFL fans tune in to the Super Bowl to watch the culmination of the football season. Along with the excitement of the big game, halftime show and memorable commercials, a Super Bowl just wouldn’t be complete without the proper snacks and food.

     From chicken wings to cocktail weenies, there are dozens of Super Bowl go-to dishes, but which is the most popular? We analyzed Google searches across the country to determine the most popular type of Super Bowl food in every state as well as the top 20 largest cities in the country.


    According to our analysis, Super Bowl fans across the country love their dips. Overall, dip was the most popular food or snack in 20 states, but one dip in particular reigns supreme - the seven layer dip. In fact, seven layer dip was the most popular in seven states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas. Coming in at a close second is buffalo chicken dip, which was the most popular in six states, primarily in the Southwest, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii and Florida.

     Even though dips made a strong showing in our Super Bowl food analysis, it’s the cocktail wiener that takes the trophy home for being No. 1 in the most amount of states. In fact, the cheap and easy cocktail weenie was the most popular in eleven different states including Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

     When we drill down a little deeper and analyze the most popular Super Bowl food within the 20 largest metro cities, cocktail weenies only make one appearance on the list in Indianapolis. When it comes to cities, dips once again take first place with the most appearances, but it’s the seven layer dip that inches out buffalo chicken dip with a score of seven to six.

     Now that we know which food is the most popular across the country, the next logical question to ask was how much fans are spending on all of these Super Bowl munchies, so we surveyed 1,200 Americans to find out. On average, Americans spend about $69 on food, drinks, decorations or team merchandise for the game. However, when it comes to hosting a Super Bowl party the price tag more than doubles to $174.

     Of course, not everyone will be hosting their own party, but there are plenty of other ways to watch the game. According to respondents, 43% plan to watch the game at home, 36% plan to go to a party, 7% will watch at a bar or restaurant and 15% plan to host a party at their home. Surprisingly, a quarter of respondents said they will only be watching the game to see the commercials, which have become a spectacle over the years.

     Traditionally, the Super Bowl has taken place on Sundays, dating all the way back to Super Bowl I on January 15, 1967, but there are quite a few fans who wouldn’t mind changing the day of the game. In fact, 43% of respondents are in favor of changing the Super Bowl from Sunday to Saturday. The extra day of rest might allow for super fans to recover or prevent fans from having to call in sick for work the next day, which 19% of respondents admitted to doing.  



    Using the Google AdWords platform, we analyzed search volume trends for more than 130 different types of Super Bowl food and snacks, over the period of January 2019 to February 2019 in all 50 states and the 20 largest cities in the country.

    From December 20 to 21, 2019, we surveyed 1,224 Americans. Of respondents, 53 percent were male and 47 percent were female and the average age of respondents was 37 years old.


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