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Cheese Production Equipment

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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 246436
Item Number 246436
Item Name Cheese Production Equipment
Model Number N/A
Serial Number N/A
Year Built 0
Location North Carolina
Price $30,000.00
Everything in the pictures, plus 8 sessions on cheese making included in price.

- Advertised as 25 gallons / 100 liters, we usually did 35-36 gallons easily. There are 3 heaters in the double jacket. The spigot on the lower right hooks up to 2- 50 gallon tanks in cold box so we cool down quicker than we heat up. A lesson learned the hard way: took almost all day to cool down in hot weather. Now we cool down in less than 1 hour. See picture of tanks in cold box. We had to have a hole put in top to put the hear gun (top of milk has to be 5 degrees higher than milk). Folks who sold us the pasteurizer didn’t tell us that. The wire shelf on which the tops sit goes with it. It is hard wired and on 220 V.


- CHART IS ANDEWRSON AJ310. (part of pasteurizer manual) There are 2 extra pens and a half pack of charts.

- We paid about 14,000 for the basic pasteurizer and had to add 3 holes: 1 to put thermometers in and raise thermometer about 2 inches off bottom / another to put heat gun in (top of milk has to be 5 degrees above milk), a holder for air thermometer all at price of another 2000. We cut the legs off the pastuerized so we could use it as a cheddering vat more easily. We have taken care and the only thing that does not work is the top green light that we can easily replace.

- Milk tank. Automatic keeps milk at 38 degrees. 220 Volts. Made in France. Few moving parts. Very serviceable. Low maintenance.

- Cheese press can press up to 60 lbs of Cheddar at 45 lbs / sq inch. Can press as Little as 5 lbs. It has food grade oil, tight couplings. Using. There are 5 cylinders and each cylinder can hold as much as 20 lbs of cheese. The gauges are excellent and it has many good features. Made by a smart, independent, machinist who took a lot of pride and interest in it and reworked it until it was right, no leaks.

- There are 12 3-gallon milk buckets you can see on the back left of the cold box. The tray tower in the cold box is one of two, the other one pictured elsewhere. There is a shelf system on the walls of the cold box. Drop down walk in cold box meaning in panels that can be taken down. There are two galvanized tanks in back with pipes leading to hose on wall seen behind the milk tank; this cold water is used to run through the pasteurizer to cool milk down quickly, otherwise will take all day in summer. Walk-in is put onto concrete floor with liquid nails and the walls are thick panels that fit together. This thing works really well. Would be nice if there were a drain in middle of the floor. Note the tanks in the back of the tower shelf: those tanks hold water (2 at 50 gallons) used to cool down the milk.

- Stainless steel regulation sink. Has some browning but not rust. Note we have passed all inspections with no reservations since we started.

- There are 8 of the buckets. Indispensable food grade buckets: used for storing feta, making brines, almost everything. They are graduated, well marked and have lids. Bottom picture is hydrometer used for making salt brines for salting cheese. Also have about 8 lbs pickling salt (not pictured)

- Cheese racks to put onto table to drain cheese and the mesh to put over the racks. Bags to drain the chevre and an old sink under it to catch the whey. You get everything seen in the picture: blue buckets. Are important and handy. There is one special blue bucket handing on wall that we use for cheddar curds only.

- Excellent old pelouze used for things over 5 lbs

- 2 large colander used for transporting curds from pasteurizer to molds

- Bags draped over PVC pipe / for filling with chevre or other curds

- Digital scale / multiple uses at multiple stages

- pH meter /Thermo Scientific/Orion Start Series. I have enough fluids and keep it calibrated. This is used to make sure the cultures are working if that is a question. There is a manual.

- Plastic rolling cart

- Pitchers multiple uses main ones for mixing rennett and calcium chloride

- Double freezer for storing chevre waiting to be sold. We have a buzzer on it that sounds if door is left open.

- Dairy Soap, Cheese Room Hats, and Cream for undercoat for waxing hard cheese and red/yellow/black/blue wax. Boxes of containers for packing cheese, aging and freezing.

- There are 3 stainless shelf towers that cost close to 500 new. Excellent condition. There are two tray towers this size. There are only 6 large trays like this but we use regular sized trays that fit well.

- Industrial sized mixer for mixing herbs/spices/fruits into the soft cheese. Ingredient labels and cheese labels. Large bowls/some smaller ones

- Molds for loaves, making rolls. 5 large molds 8 lbs+

- We have enough various sized containers to get you through several months until you decide what you want to make and sell. We have cups for chevre that is most cost effective thing to make. We will give you all our labels to use. Some magic marker for address and web site.

- This size mold has been indispensable; there are 119 of them. Used for making hard and semi-soft cheeses. The cheese you see pictures is a simple aged cheese made in this cup and is, in my opinion, one of the best cheese we have ever made.

- Molds came from an old cheese factory in Canada and were ten slots that I cut into 4 and 6. They have been extremely serviceable!!!. They make loaves like the one you see here. It makes making Feta a breeze. Each loaf can be 6-8 lbs. It was one of the best purchases I made and I doubt one could find this sort of thing again

- Mold: each cheese weighs about a pound and with practice, one can get it right on the nose. There are small cheese cloths that go with this method that also come with the group.

- Standard fluids / electrode storage fluids/ manual

- 50 gallon talks in cold box plumbed to cool milk in pasteurizer . Boxes on top are red and yellow wax for coating cheese.

- 1 & 2 sheets of black and red wax. I have about 45 lbs of black, 30 red, 20 yellow, 40 blue wax.

- 2 Shelf holding slow cookers with black, red, yellow, blue purple (red and blue)

- Slow cookers with wax. Used for dipping cheeses / in our climate hard cheese best aged in wax unless one invests in building a cheese ripening room: very expensive but if one is successful, a long range plan.

- This is the substance that is painted onto the cheese and dried before it is dipped into the wax. I have a little less than half a cask / It has consistence of Elmer’s glue but is edible and costs about 100 X more

- 12 stainless 3 gallon milk cans

- We have about 135 lbs of cheddar. If we do this deal, you can have whatever cheese we have and it will be a good start.

- A book written in 50s and has excellent information once one knows the principles of making cheese. It is a 2 volume book but this one has the makes (recipes) in in. I also have all our makes written out and sheets used at each make with important information for each batch of cheese.

- Chart paper for pasteurizer. There are enough for 12 batches. It is called Anderson chart and it is a state of NC legal document: that is there has to be one of these for each batch of cheese made and one has to keep them on file for a certain number of years.

- We have about 8 cold boxes for cheese transport.

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