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Brew Up Savings with Bid on Equipment's Used Reactors-Fermenters

Item 380987 - 13 Gallon POPE Sanitary Pharmaceutical Reactor/Fermenter

316 Stainless Steel
Internal and Jacket Rated 50 PSI at 300 Deg. F.

Item 404631 - 528 Gallon FELDMEIER Sanitary Reactor/Fermenter

316L Stainless Steel
Internal Rated 75/FV at -20 to 350 Deg. F.
Dimple Jacket Rated 100/FV at -20 to 350 Deg. F.

Item 407601 - 40 Gallon DCI Sanitary Reactor/Fermenter
with Top Mounted 3 HP Agitation

Never Used
Internal Rated 45/FV PSI at 225 Deg. F.
Jacket Rated 150/FV at 225 Deg. F.

Please visit Bid on or call 847-854-8577 for more information


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