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Get Your Hands on Our Big Kettles and Stir Up Serious Fun in the Kitchen!

Item 395796 - 500 Gallon GROEN Jacketed Kettle
with Inclined Sweep Scrape Agitation and Baffle

Model INA-500
Jacket rated 100 PSI @ 338 Deg. F.

Item 399026 - 300 Gallon WALKER Jacketed Kettle/Processor
with Dual Motion Agitation - 316L Stainless Steel

Has electric powered sweep and air powered high speed prop mixer
Jacket rated 100 PSI @ 338 Deg. F.

Item 401255 - 400 Gallon LEE Sanitary Jacketed Double Motion Mix Kettle
with Scrape Agitation

Model 400D9MT
Jacket rated 90 PSI @ 332 Deg. F. MDMT -20 Deg. F.

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