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States Ordering Takeout the Most Since Covid-19

With takeout experiencing tremendous growth since Covid-19, we analyzed where it has been the most popular by looking at Google search trends in every state.

From curbside pick-up to alcohol to-go, restaurants across the country have utilized creative ways to cater to their customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of these changes, takeout has experienced tremendous growth in recent months.

Not only does takeout provide a safe and convenient way for customers to continue to support their favorite restaurant, but it has also allowed restaurants to keep their doors open and stay in business as they navigate the pandemic.

We were curious to see where the demand for takeout has increased the most, so we analyzed Google search volume for “takeout,” “takeout near me” and related terms in every state across the country.

Where is Takeout the Most Popular?

Residents in the Northeast have had a large appetite for takeout since Covid-19. Out of the top 10 states on our list, six are in the Northeast including Rhode Island (No. 1), New Hampshire (No. 2), Massachusetts (No. 3), Maine (No. 5), Vermont (No. 7) and Delaware (No. 8).

States on the opposite coast round out the top 10 with Oregon (No. 9) and Washington (No. 10). Several Southern states showed the least interest in takeout with Arkansas (No. 43), Alabama (No. 46.), Louisiana (No. 47) and Mississippi (No. 50) ranking within the bottom 10.

Who’s Ordering Takeout During Covid-19?

Along with analyzing Google search volume, we also surveyed 2,000 Americans to ask them about their experiences with takeout during Covid-19. Overall, 65% say they’ve been ordering more takeout since the pandemic. On average, Americans are spending $67 per week on takeout and ordering about 2.4 times per week.

With 43% of respondents saying they don’t feel safe dining inside right now, it’s probably no surprise that only 1 in 3 have opted to dine in. Millennials are the most likely generation to have dined inside (40%) followed by Gen X (34%).

Supporting Local Restaurants During Covid-19

Whether they’re dining inside, outside or ordering takeout, the majority of respondents say they’re making an effort to support local businesses over large chain restaurants. Along with making purchases, customers say they’re also tipping more, leaving positive online reviews, donating and placing larger orders.

Overall, 77% say they’re also leaving a tip on takeout orders with Millennials and Gen X being the most generous and leaving an average of 15% tip on takeout orders.

Alcohol To-Go During Covid-19

Food orders aren’t the only way that Americans are supporting restaurants during Covid-19. Alcohol to-go has experienced a boom thanks to many states and cities allowing restaurants and bars to sell takeout alcohol.

About one-third of respondents say they’ve ordered alcohol to-go and a majority (57%) would like to see alcohol to-go as a permanent option post-pandemic. In fact, customers have such a thirst for alcohol to-go that 32% say they’d pay more for it.

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Using the Google AdWords platform, we analyzed search volume trends for “takeout,” “takeout near me” and more than 2,000 related terms and keywords for March 2020 to July 2020 in all 50 states. In July, we also surveyed 2,000 Americans between the age of 18 - 78 to ask them about their experience with takeout during Covid-19. 51% were female and 49% were male and the average age of respondents was 36.

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