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    Are you looking for a great price on an elevator hopper or an elevator feeder? If you’re in the market for elevating and lowering conveyors, consider previously owned equipment. You’ll get trusted incline conveyor brands like Essmueller, Pack West and Pacemaker all for a significant savings because they are used machines. High quality commercial equipment for less! Find all your previously owned, affordable elevator hoppers and elevator feeders at Bid On Equipment. Are you having trouble finding the incline conveyor equipment you need? Just get in touch! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for!

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    More Info on Elevating and Lowering Conveyors

    Elevating and Lowering Conveyors are a common sight in commercial and industrial warehouses and plants. These types of conveyors vary widely in shape, size, and application and can be found with ease second-hand. At Bid on Equipment, we always have listings for the used elevating and lowering conveyors you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Easily find a used hopper conveyor for sale or a previously owned inclined elevator, bucket lift, or spiral conveyor. If your company is looking to purchase an adjustable height conveyor, magnetic elevator, or vertical conveyor elevator for sale you’ll find them listed here. Once you find that used 90-degree turn conveyor or a previously owned drag chain conveyor for sale, you’re on your way to saving your business a lot of money.

    What is an elevating and lowering conveyor? 

    An elevating and lowering conveyor is a system made with pulleys, magnets, rollers, or chains that move up and down. The purpose of a conveyor system of this type is to lift and lower products and materials during the processing and manufacturing process without the necessity of human strength. Lowering and elevating conveyors save time, labor, and money and come in a multitude of different types:

    Hopper conveyor
    Inclined elevator
    Bucket elevator
    Elevator conveyor
    Drag chain conveyor
    Spiral conveyor
    Adjustable height conveyor
    90-degree turn conveyor
    Magnetic conveyor
    Vertical conveyor elevator
    Z-Frame conveyor
    Z Bucket Elevator
    Z Lift

    And more. Some used elevating and lowering conveyor systems have been custom-fabricated for specific purposes which means you’ll be able to find used conveyors in many different sizes for any application you need. 

    Why buy a used elevating and lowering conveyor system? 

    Conveyor systems are important equipment for many different types of commercial and industrial applications. Manufacturing and processing plants that handle dairy, produce, electronics, auto parts, print material, and more often require conveyor belts to keep things moving. There aren’t many industries where products don’t need to be lifted and moved from one place to another. As such, second-hand elevating and lowering conveyor systems are common and can be found in great condition and in good working order. When you buy a used magnetic conveyor or a used elevator for sale, it can save your business the high cost of brand new equipment and protect your bottom line. Equipping any manufacturing or processing outfit can be a costly undertaking. Instead, consider previously owned conveyor systems and conveyor parts and accessories like elevator legs and adjustable conveyor legs so you can save your money without sacrificing quality or functionality. Be sure to check out our extensive listings to find affordable conveyor equipment.

    Where can I buy used elevating and lowering conveyor systems?

    Bid on Equipment lists used elevating and lowering conveyors of numerous sizes, shapes and brands. Find used conveyors for sale from: 

    Cambelt Conveyor
    Essmeuller Machine
    Frazier Bucket Elevator
    Universal Industries
    Meyer Bucket Elevator
    Smalley Manufacturing
    Crizaf Conveyors
    EMI Plastics
    Pac West Elevator
    Plastic Process Equipment
    Ryson Spiral Conveyor
    A1 Elevator

    Can’t find the used elevating and lowering conveyor you’re looking for? 

    If you’re struggling to find used z-frame conveyors or the inclined elevator you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment and we’ll help you find the used commercial equipment you’re looking for. 

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