MANES Model M9115 Cyclone Separator | 180779

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Item Details

Item Id 180779
Item #: 180779
Item: MANES Model M9115 Cyclone Separator
Model #: M9115
Serial #: CL 1248/91
Year Built: 1991
Location: Italy
Price: $8,000.00


Cyclone screener separator.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Cyclones are popular because they are simple and inexpensive to manufacture, require little maintenance, contain no moving parts, and have the ability to operate at high temperatures and pressures. Collection of dust in a cyclone separator is based on the action of inertial forced upon dust particles: centrifugal forces and low pressure caused by spinning motion. Cyclone separators are normally used for the collection of coarse dust particles and to separate materials of differing density, size, and shape. The dusty air is introduced in the cyclone separator from the top through the inlet pipe which is tangential to the cylindrical portion of the cyclone. The shape of the cone induces the stream to spin, creating a vortex. Thus the gases move downwards in whirling motion forming a peripheral vortex and giving rise to centrifugal forces: larger or more dense particles are forced outward to the walls of the cyclone where the drag of the spinning air as well as the force of gravity causes them to fall down the sides of the cone into the hopper. The gases after reaching the end of the conical portion change its direction and move. Due to this upward movement of gases against gravity, more dust particles are separated and fall into the conical hopper for subsequent removal.
The efficiency of the cyclone separator depends strongly on the granulometric distribution of the particulate matter to be treated. Generally the cyclone separator decreases its efficiency by decreasing the size of the particles. For its characteristics of adaptability to the context , the cyclone can be used individually or in modular units of small diameter in parallel both as dust collector , both as pre- dust collector of a filter medium in tissue of heavy loads of dust and grit applications:
- storage, handling, pneumatic conveying , mixing, weighing and packing of dry bulk solid materials
- sanding , grinding, edging, cutting a variety of surfaces and materials
- melting of metallic materials , glassy and other
- painting with powder products, drying of solid material or equivalent
- flame cutting, plasma cutting , laser cutting
- mechanical surface cleaning, Welding
- Other operations not expressly indicated that produce emissions of coarse and fine
- Cost effective investment
- Easy Maintenance
- Suitable for low load losses
- Suitable as a pre-separator for dust before the bag filter in case of high concentrations of dust
- Recovery residual solids ( powders to be recycled in production)

Type: M9115
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