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    Are you in the market for a great price on a tube chain conveyor? Do you need a tube belt conveyer or a troughed belt conveyor that has been gently used but is in great condition? At Bid On Equipment, we list previously owned tube belt and troughed belt conveyors. You can find the exact conveyor system you need at an affordable price. Easily save money on brands like Smoot, Triple S Dynamics, and General Kinematics. Browse our tube belt and troughed belt conveyor listings so you can find what you’re looking for without the high cost. Having trouble finding the machinery you need? We’re here to help. Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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    A bit more on Tube & Trough Conveyors

    Trough and tube Conveyors are commonly needed to run industrial and commercial plants of all kinds. Trough and tube conveyors vary widely in shape, size, and application and are often easily bought and sold second-hand. At Bid on Equipment, we list used tough conveyors and tube conveyors to suit any purpose you require. You’ll easily find used magnetic conveyors for sale or a previously owned lug conveyor, chute conveyor, or shuttle conveyor. If your company is looking to purchase an infeed conveyor, stainless steel trough, or a hopper loader for sale you’ll find them listed here. Once you find that used floor bin, plastic pellet vacuum loader, or a previously owned air conveyor blower for sale, you’re on your way to saving your business a lot of money.

    What is a tube conveyor? 

    A tube conveyor is like a normal conveyor system with one exception: the products or materials being transported by the conveyor travel through enclosed tubes. The purpose of a tubular conveyor is to transport products that need to be enclosed, such as powders, shavings, flakes, or dust without the necessity of added manpower. Tube conveyors are a time and labor saver and come in a multitude of different types:

    Cute conveyor
    Shuttle conveyor
    Infeed conveyor
    Magnetic conveyor
    Plastic pellet vacuum loader
    Air conveyor blower
    Pneumatic conveying blower
    Flex screw conveyor

    And more. Some used tube conveyors have been custom-fabricated for specific purposes and that means you’ll be able to find used conveyors in many different sizes for any application you need. 

    What is a trough conveyor? 

    A trough conveyor is similar to a tube conveyor in that it is designed to keep loose materials on the conveyor. A trough conveyor may have rails, walls, or other containment apparatus to ensure the transported materials stay where they need to be. Trough conveyors are commonly found in plants and warehouses of all types.

    Why buy a used trough or tube conveyor? 

    Conveyor belt systems are important equipment for industrial and commercial operations in any industry. Manufacturing and processing plants that chemicals, produce, paint and more often require tube conveyors and trough conveyors to keep everything operating smoothly. For instance, a flour packing plant may make use of tube conveyors to move the product from one stage of packaging to the next without the use of constant human labor. As such, used tube conveyors and trough conveyors are simple to find and can be purchased in great condition and good working order. When you buy a used lug conveyor or a previously owned magnetic conveyor for sale, it can save your business the high cost of brand new equipment and protect your bottom line. Equipping any commercial operation can be a costly job. Instead, consider previously owned tube conveyors and conveyor parts and accessories like a vacuum loader, used ergo strapper, or cross belt magnet so you can save cash without sacrificing quality or functionality. Be sure to check out our extensive listings to save your money.

    Where can I buy used tube conveyors or trough conveyors?

    Bid on Equipment lists used trough and tube conveyors of numerous sizes, shapes, and brands. Find used conveyors for sale from: 

    OMS Group
    Intersystems Drag Conveyors
    Shuttleworth Conveyor
    MK Conveyor
    Cablevey Conveyors
    Doucet Conveyor
    Venturi Eductor
    Piab Vacuum Conveyor
    Motan Hopper Loader
    Volkmann Vacuum Conveyor
    Mac Pneumatic
    Flexicon Conveyors
    Newell Machinery
    Helix Conveyor
    Hapman Conveyor
    Thomas Conveyor
    Screw Conveyor Corp.
    Conveyor Engineering
    Wam Inc.
    KWS Conveyor
    Orthman Manufacturing
    Key Flo
    Meyer Conveyor
    Fastback Conveyor
    Vibra Pro
    Superior Conveyors
    Vibraflex Vibration Machine
    Can’t find the used trough or tube conveyor you’re looking for? 

    If you’re struggling to find used doucet return conveyor for sale or the lug conveyor you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment and we’ll help you find the used commercial equipment you’re looking for. 

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