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Item Information

Item Description

Item Id 100934
Item Number 100934
Item Name TRI-CLOVER Blender
Model Number F3218MD S
Serial Number Y8428
Year Built 0
Location California
Price $4,500.00
15 hp , Stainless Steel contact.
The Tri-Blender basically consists of a centrifugal pump
head and impeller mounted so that the normal suction port,
or inlet, is pointed upward. The inlet piping consists of a
patented tube-within-a-tube arrangement. This serves to
keep the liquid and dry ingredients separated until they are
in the mixing chamber. The tube-within-a-tube arrangement
eliminates prewetting, one of the major problems of wet-dry
The natural suction of a centrifugal pump is used to pull the
powder from the hopper through the diffuser tube.
The outer tube is used to direct the liquid into the impeller.
The liquid is introduced at the leading edge of the impeller
blades where the pressure gradient of the Blender head is
zero. Since there is no suction at this point, liquid must be
pumped to the blender by external means, such as the
supply pump.
The liquid inlet is mounted tangentially. The liquid entering
the blender mixing chamber enters the chamber in the
same direction the impeller is rotating. The impeller then
strikes the liquid and accelerates it, with minimal splashing. This is how the powder inlet tube can be
kept dry during operation.
In operation, the liquid pumped into the Blender is accelerated outward until it strikes the blender
screen. This creates a natural back pressure that causes the liquid to flow downward and back toward
the eye of the impeller. This forms a hollow envelope into which the powder is introduced by the natural
suction of the blender.

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