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A mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gases or force air into inflatable objects. There are two basic types of pumps: positive displacement and centrifugal. Displacement pumps include rotary lobe, rotary gear, piston, diaphragm, screw and vane. Centrifugal pumps include mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated, solenoid and air operated.

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What are pumps? 

A pump is a piece of machinery used to move gases or liquids. Pumps often use electricity and reciprocating or rotary mechanisms. Pumps can also be manual, gas-powered or wind-powered. Pumps are used for countless applications, both big and small in industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and agricultural settings as well as all manner of infrastructure all over the world. 

Pumps are divided into several categories:

Positive-displacement pumps
Impulse pumps
Velocity pumps
Gravity pumps
Steam pumps
Hermetic pump

What is a vacuum pump? 

A vacuum pump is a mechanical device that uses vacuum power to displace or move fluids.. Vacuum pumps can be broken down into more specific types including positive displacement pumps, momentum transfer pumps, regenerative pumps, and entrapment pumps.

What is a hydraulic pump? 

Hydraulic pumps can be either hydrostatic or hydrodynamic. Hydraulic pumps turn mechanical energy into flow or pressure. Pumps like this are used to move hydraulic fluid creating the power for hydraulic drives. Hydraulic drives can be found on large construction equipment, forestry machines, mining applications, and more. This type of pump can be found in just about every production, cultivation, or processing setting.

At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find many types of used hydraulic pumps for sale including hydraulic pumps, vacuum pumps, and liquid ring vacuum pump for sale, as well as any other kind of pump you might find on a factory floor. New previously owned pumps are listed every day among our many different categories of commercial pumps. Finding the pump you need at second-hand prices is a great way to outfit your operation while saving money. 

Bid on Equipment often lists: 

Hydro test pump electric
Hydrotesting pumps
Hydraulic pump with tank
CNC vacuum table pump
Precision scientific vacuum pump
Regenerative vacuum pump

Why buy a used pump? 

Pumps of all shapes and sizes are used in the production and processing of just about everything. Pumps are common in every industry, which means used pumps are easy to find. Finding a previously owned pump that suits your needs is not a challenge, and you’ll find many on the Bid on Equipment website. Purchasing a used pump for sale can keep costs low and protect your cash flow. Purchasing machinery and equipment for any plant can be expensive, so consider used pumps and stay on budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

Where can I buy used reciprocating pumps?

Bid on Equipment has extensive listings for used pumps for all applications and from any brand. We list used rotary vane vacuum pumps for sale, used hydraulic pumps for sale, and more. You’ll also find pump accessories and repair kits. If you’ve been looking for a double diaphragm pump rebuild kit, you can find it here. We often list: 

Aro pump rebuild kits
Blackmer pump rebuild kit
Busch vacuum pump rebuild kit
Coyote pump protector
Fairbanks morse pumps
Ingersoll rand vertical turbine pumps
Rice hydrostatic test pump
Rice pump
Spencer gas booster pump
Spirax sarco condensate pump
Steam condensate pump spirax sarco
Watson M   arlow pump head
Worthington vertical turbine pump
Abex denison hydraulic pumps
Brueninghaus hydromatik pump
Casappa pumps
Continental hydraulic pumps
Greenlee hydraulic pump
Iwaki pumps for sale
Mannesmann rexroth
Racine hydraulic valves
Sauer hydraulic pump
Alcatel pump
Becker vacuum pumps for sale
Blackmer pumps for sale
Bosch vacuum pump
Busch mink vacuum pump
Conair vacuum pump
Dayton speedaire vacuum pump
Duoseal vacuum pump
Edwards dry scroll pump
Edwards turbo pump
Elmo vacuum pump
Gardner denver nash
Gast diaphragm vacuum pump
Hull vacuum pumps
Kinney vacuum pump
Nash vacuum pump
Procon rotary vane pump
Rietschle vacuum pump
Siemens vacuum pump
Sihi vacuum pump
Squire cogswell vacuum pump
Sterling vacuum pump
Stokes microvac pump
Travaini vacuum pump
Trivac vacuum pump

Can’t find the pump you’re looking for? 

If you’re struggling to find the used pump for sale you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment, and we’ll help you find the used equipment that suits your needs. 

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