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Used Positive Displacement Pumps for Sale.


A mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gases or force air into inflatable objects. There are two basic types of pumps: positive displacement and centrifugal. Displacement pumps include rotary lobe, rotary gear, piston, diaphragm, screw and vane. Centrifugal pumps include mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated, solenoid and air operated.

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More Information on Positive Displacement Pumps

What is a positive displacement pump? 

A positive displacement pump moves fluid by displacing trapped liquid. Suction power as well as expanding and decreasing cavities, work together to force liquids from one place to another. Positive displacement pumps produce a consistent flow rate even when the pressure changes. 

At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find many types of used positive displacement pumps for sale:

Lobe pump
Gear pumps
Melt pump
Rotary lobe pump
TDH pump
Pneumatic piston pump
Quintuplex pump
High-pressure pumps
Molasses pump
Sanitary twin screw pump
Piston and plunger pumps

What does a positive displacement pump do?

Positive displacement pumps are made for many diverse processes. Used to move fluids from one point to another, positive displacement pumps are commonly found in water treatment plants, plants that handle chemicals, agricultural production facilities, and more. You’ll also get good use out of a positive displacement pump when mixing accurate quantities of fluids, such as in food and beverage production. You’ll find positive displacement pumps wherever liquids need to travel. 

Why buy a used positive displacement pump? 

Positive displacements pumps are commonly found in many different production settings, from food service, chemical handling, and fuel, to medicine and supplements. Anywhere that precise amounts of fluids need to be moved from one point to another, you’ll find a positive displacement pump.Positive displacement pumps are standard in many different industries and that means used positive displacement pumps are an easy find. It’s simple to spot a used lobe pump for sale or used high-pressure pumps for sale that suit your needs and are also in perfect working order. Purchasing a used positive displacement pump for sale can save your business cash flow and protect your profit margins. Equipping any plant or production facility can be costly, so consider used positive displacement pumps to stay on budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

What should I look for in a used positive displacement pump? 

Used positive displacement pumps are more affordable than brand new machines, but buying a previously owned pump doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Before you choose a used positive displacement pump, consider what your pump will be used for. Double-check any bearings and make sure the seals are in good condition. Get to know what type of lubricant the pump may require and consider the cost and availability of its upkeep. These factors will help you to select the positive displacement pump that best suits your needs.

Where can I buy used positive displacement pumps?

Bid on Equipment has extensive listings for used positive displacement pumps for all applications and from any brand. We often list: 

Crepaco compressors
Albin pump
Coker pump
Waukesha 130
SPX Waukesha
APV lobe pump
Jalisco Boerger
Boerger pumps
Boerger rotary lobe pumps
Waukesha pump
SPX positive displacement pump
Waukesha PD pump
Roper type 1 gear pump
Roper hydraulic pump
Vanton pump
Maag pump
Tuthill gear pump
IMO screw pump
Reda food processing plants
Reda pump
Myers pumps for sale
Robbins & Myers pumps
Seepex progressive cavity pump
Seepex progressive cavity pumps
Seepex BN series
Seepex pumps
Dayton drum pump
ARO pneumatics
Cat 623 pump
Haskel gas booster price
Cat triplex pump
Cat pump 6761
PVb45 axial piston pump
Viking gear pump
Unibloc pump
dresser rotary meter
U2 displacement pumps
Innomag pump
Swaby lobeline pumps
Watson stainless
Roper pumps for sale
Flotronic one nut pump
Flotronic pumps
Wright flow tra10

Can’t find the positive displacement pump you’re looking for? 

If you’re struggling to find the used positive displacement pump for sale you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment, and we’ll help you find the used equipment that suits your needs. 

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