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A mechanical device using suction or pressure to raise or move liquids, compress gases or force air into inflatable objects. There are two basic types of pumps: positive displacement and centrifugal. Displacement pumps include rotary lobe, rotary gear, piston, diaphragm, screw and vane. Centrifugal pumps include mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated, solenoid and air operated.

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More information on Reciprocating Pumps

What is a reciprocating pump? 

A reciprocating pump is a type of pump that uses positive displacement. Different types of reciprocating pumps include piston pumps, plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps, and double-acting reciprocating pumps. These types of pumps also include:

Drum unloader
Food-grade stainless steel pump
Food-grade drum pump
Peanut butter pump
Air-powered barrel pump
Air barrel pump
Air-powered drum pump

What is a peristaltic pump? 

A peristaltic pump sometimes referred to as a roller pump, is a mechanical device that uses suction or pressure to move liquids, gases and air. 

At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find many types of used pumps for sale:

Expansion pumps
Veristaltic pumps
Table-top hose pumps
Twin roller peristaltic pumps
High torque peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps are made for many different applications. Used to transport sterile fluids from one point to another, peristaltic pumps are commonly used in a medical setting. IV fluids and blood both require a pump like this to prevent exposure to air and other environmental elements that can cause an unwanted reaction. Peristaltic pumps are also used to move reactive chemicals and slurries so these fluids or gasses are kept isolated and safe. 

What is a metering pump? 

A metering pump is a type of pump that moves exact amounts of fluid with precision. Timing and volume are calculated down to the smallest measurements. Used to pump water, chemicals, solutions, and other fluids, a metering pump often operates with a constant flow rate. 

At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find many types of used metering pumps for sale:

Lubricator pump
Gas feed pumps
Additive injection pumps
Injection process pump
Chemical feeder pumps
Portioning pumps
Dosing pump

What do reciprocating pumps do?

A reciprocating pump is designed to move fluid or gases from one point to another, often under a great deal of pressure. For instance, in industrial settings, peristaltic reciprocating pumps move chemicals without the threat of cross-contamination. Anywhere that precise amounts of fluids need to be moved from one point to another, you’ll find a metering pump. Reciprocating pumps are used in oil drilling, sewer line cleaning, firefighting systems, pneumatic pressure applications, and more. 

Why buy a used reciprocating pump? 

Reciprocating pumps of all shapes and sizes are used in the production and processing of many products and consumables. Reciprocating pumps are common in many different industries and that means these pumps are abundant. It’s easy to find a used reciprocating pump that suits your needs in perfect working order. Purchasing a used pump for sale can save your business money and protect your bottom line. Outfitting any plant can be an expensive undertaking, so consider used reciprocating pumps to stay on budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

What should I look for in a used reciprocating pump? 

Used pumps come at a lower price point than brand new machines, but purchasing used doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Before you choose your pump, ask if the plungers, rollers, and seals are in good working order. Double-check the tubing size and make sure it will suit the application you intend to use it for. Familiarize yourself with the flow rate you need, what pressure requirements there are, as well as operating temperature, outlet diameter, and power rating. Each of these factors will affect what the pump can transport.

Where can I buy used reciprocating pumps?

Bid on Equipment has extensive listings for used reciprocating pumps for all applications and from any brand. We often list: 

Randolph pumps
Bredel pumps
Flexicon pumps
Flowrox lpp m
Masterfex peristaltic pump
Watson Marlow peristaltic pump
Cole Parmer peristaltic pump
Watson Marlow 630
Watson 503
Chem-Feed pumps
Etatron dosing pump
Bran Luebbe pumps
Graco metering pumps
Prominent Promus pumps
Fill Rite 35 GPM pump
MMD Equipment pumps
Braun model pump
Graco drum mixer
Graco president air-powered pump
Graco president pump
Uline drum pump
Murzan inc
Graco barrel pump
Graco drum pump
Flux drum pump
Graco fluid transfer pumps
Graco 55 gallon drum pump

Can’t find the reciprocating pump you’re looking for? 

If you’re struggling to find the used reciprocating pump for sale you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment, and we’ll help you find the used equipment that suits your needs. 

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