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    Looking for excellent prices on previously owned carbon steel tanks? Do you need to find a mild steel storage tank for your commercial venture? At, BoE, we have steel tanks, silos, and carbon steel mixing tanks all listed at affordable prices. Used machinery like carbon steel pressure tanks, spill containment equipment and 100-40,000 gallon tanks and they come at an affordable price point, as well, so you can find the used carbon steel mixing tanks you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Reach out to our knowledgeable staff who know used carbon steel tanks and they will be glad to help you out!

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    Additional Info on Non-Stainless Steel Tanks

    Non-stainless tanks are used for numerous purposes in manufacturing and processing plants of all kinds. This type of tank is essential to many different industrial operations and at Bid on Equipment, we’re happy to list used commercial tanks of all kinds. We have that metal oil tank and silo tank you’re looking for. If your operation is in need of a 1000 gallon water tank or a 10,000 gallon storage tank, you’ll find them listed at affordable previously owned prices on our website. Find a used 6000 gallon water tank and a 10,000 gallon galvanized water tank with ease. Once you find that used 20,000 gallon tank for sale, you’re on your way to saving your business cash.

    What is a fiberglass tank? 

    A fiberglass tank is often used underground for the safe storage of petroleum, other fuels, wastewater, and chemicals. Fiberglass tanks are a common sight in industrial settings. These containers come in a multitude of shapes and sizes:

    250 gallon tank
    1000 gallon water tank
    10,000 gallon storage tank
    10,000 gallon galvanized water tank

    And more. Some used fiberglass tanks have been custom-fabricated which means they come in many different sizes for many different applications. 

    What is a plastic tank? 

    Plastic tanks are used in a number of manufacturing and processing applications, especially when it comes to handling and storing chemicals safely. At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find plastic tanks in all sizes. 

    What is a carbon steel tank? 

    Carbon steel tanks are often used in settings where they are likely to take a beating. Their increased strength and durability make them perfect for construction sites. These types of tanks or not good for application which require some flexibility, however, as carbon steel tanks are more rigid. Carbon steel tanks come in numerous sizes: 

    6000 gallon water tank
    600 gallon tank 
    20,000 gallon tank

    You can get carbon steel tanks in just about any size you need for any application you require. 

    Why buy a used non-stainless tank? 

    Fiberglass tanks, plastic tanks and carbon steel tanks are crucial equipment for many different industrial manufacturing and processing operations. There are many commercial settings that are incomplete without non-stainless tanks like metal oil tanks and silo tanks. As such, used fiberglass tanks, plastic tanks and carbon steel tanks are easy to find in great shape and good functioning order. Purchasing a used fiberglass tank or carbon steel tank for sale can save your business money and protect your bottom line. Outfitting any plant or operation can be an expensive undertaking, so consider previously owned non-stainless tanks to stay on budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

    Where can I buy used non-stainless tanks?

    Bid on Equipment has extensive listings for used non-stainless tanks of numerous sizes, shapes and brands. Find used fiberglass tanks, plastic tanks, carbon steel tanks and more from: 

    Xerxes Tanks
    Fiberglass Technologies
    Hanson Tank
    Southern Tanks
    Palmer Tank
    Wendland Tank
    Can’t find the used special use tanks you’re looking for? 

    If you’re struggling to find a used Palmer storage tank for sale or the 10,000 gallon plastic water storage tank you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment and we’ll help you find the used non-stainless tanks you’re looking for.

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