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    BOE Can Help Sell Your Used Special Use Industrial Tanks, Silos, Hoppers or Bins.


    Are you searching for the right priced used industrial tanks? Are you in the market for a previously owned silo, hopper or other special use tanks? At Bid on Equipment, we have extensive listings of agitated pressure tanks, storage bin hoppers, high-pressure vessels and compression tanks all at great prices. They all come at an affordable price point, as well so you can find the used pyramid style hoppers, open-top tanks and stainless bin containers you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Reach out to our knowledgeable staff who know used special use industrial tanks and they will be glad to help you out!

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    A Bit More About Special Use Tanks

    Manufacturing and processing plants make use of a multitude of different kinds of tanks for many different purposes. Special use tanks are essential to any industrial outfit and at Bid on Equipment, we’re happy to list used commercial tanks of all kinds. We have feed hoppers, steel charge bins, liquid totes, tote systems, pressure tanks, fuel tanks, compressor tanks, retention tanks and more. If your operation is in need of a 200 gallon propane tank or a 300 gallon propane tank, you’ll find them listed at affordable previously owned prices here. 

    What is a feed hopper? 

    A feed hopper is a special use tank filled with material that is released at regular intervals and at controlled rates. Hoppers are containers that come in a multitude of shapes and sizes:

    3.5 cubic 
    15 cubic feet
    85 cubic feet
    100 cubic feet
    200 cubic feet
    750 cubic feet
    1 cubic yard
    2 cubic yards 
    12.5 gallon
    60 gallon
    350 gallon
    450 gallon
    25 ton

    And more. Some used feed hoppers have been custom-fabricated which means they come in many different sizes for many different applications. For example, it’s easy to find a used stainless steel conical hopper, cyclone hopper bin, hopper bottom vibrator, a stainless steel hopper tank, a hopper funnel, or a sandhopper for sale. 

    What is a pressure tank? 

    Pressure tanks are storage vessels that keep the contents under pressure. At Bid on Equipment, you’ll find pressure tanks in all sizes:

    35 gallon pressure tank
    85 gallon pressure tank
    100 gallon pressure tank
    200 gallon pressure tank

    Pressure tanks are made for different purposes as well. A bright tank, for example, is a temperature-controlled pressure tank that keeps liquids as they wait to be bottled or packaged. Air compressor receiver tanks are crucial for a compressed air system of any kind. A retention tank is used to store liquids for future use. Most often, a pressure tank provides gas and liquid pressure where other forms of pressure are lacking or absent. For example, a pressure tank in your water system can provide water pressure in the absence or failure of your water pump. In industrial applications, pressure tanks are used in the distillation process, in hydraulic reservoirs and to contain substances needed in the manufacturing and production process. 

    What is a tote? 

    Totes are special use tanks used for storing and transporting liquids in an industrial setting. Totes come in numerous sizes: 

    200 gallon tote
    250 gallon tote
    300 gallon tote
    370 gallon tote
    70 cubic feet tote
    80 cubic feet tote
    150 cubic feet tote

    And more. You can get totes in just about any size you need for any application you require. Used frac tanks for sale, for example, are used in the fracking industry to temporarily store thousands of gallons of liquid at a time. A Transtore wine tank is a kind of special use tank or tote used to store wine. Most often, a tote is used for storage. In industrial settings this storage can be temporary or part of a production process. Different totes can be used for different purposes depending on the materials being handled. Totes can contain chemicals, beverages, wastewater and more.

    Why buy a used special use tank? 

    Feed hoppers, pressure tanks and totes are crucial equipment for any agricultural, mining, or sawmill outfit. They’re also commonly found in industrial operations that process recycling, aggregate, sand, liquids and more. Industrial manufacturing and processing operations are often incomplete without special use tanks like a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank. As such, used feed hoppers, pressure tanks and totes are easy to find in great shape and perfect functioning order. Purchasing a used feed hopper or pressure tank for sale can save your business money and protect your bottom line. Outfitting any plant can be an expensive undertaking, so consider used special use tanks to stay on budget without sacrificing quality or functionality. If you’re looking for a vertical air compressor tank or a used dump hopper for sale, check out listings to save your money.

    Where can I buy used special use tanks?

    Bid on Equipment has extensive listings for used special use tanks of numerous sizes, shapes and brands. Find used feed hoppers, steel hoppers, a used feed tote or a liquid nitrogen tank for sale and more from: 

    Horizon systems
    Custom Stainless Equipment
    Anderson Dahlen
    Food Engineering
    Premier Pneumatics
    KWS Manufacturing Co.
    Precision Stainless
    AO Smith pressure tanks
    Apache Stainless
    Niles Steel Tank
    Buckeye Fabricating pressure tanks
    Challenger pressure tanks
    Pentair pressure tanks
    Müller Vispro pressure tanks
    Sistersville Tank Works
    Pro Fab
    Heat Inc
    Precision IBC
    Hoover Stainless Steel Totes
    Convault tanks
    Can’t find the used special use tanks you’re looking for? 

    If you’re struggling to find a used dump hopper for sale or the 500-gallon fuel tank spill containment you need, reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bid on Equipment and we’ll help you find the used special use tanks you’re looking for. 

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